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A tidy up…

You might have noticed the new blog theme, I was getting bored with the old theme and thought it was time for a change, hope you like it. Now along with the cosmetic change of a new theme, I’ve made things a little tidier. Before this little update, my short story and extra pages (at the top of the blog), were also doubled up as post from when I first created them. Now this meant for all extensive purposes these were two separate post (& webpages). For example; when I updated my, Extras – Band I have seen live page it wouldn’t have updated the original post. So to save me faffing about, I have deleted the original post. Meaning if you tired to find the post using the search function, you would only find the one version rather than two.
The only major changes is that you won’t find these pages using the archive any more  because they aren’t post they are pages… I am getting myself a little confused here. Anyway you shouldn’t need to search for these pages, because, there is a nice handy link at the top of the blog. The other change is sadly if they were any comments on the post version they have been deleted along with the post, because I couldn’t find a way to transfer them (there was only two so no major tragedy).
Another change is that the america photos posted earlier this month will be under, Extras – Photos, so for now there will be two version of that.

Hope you like the changes, hopefully it will give me a kick up the butt to update this blog a little more.