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Top 5 twitter follows

A day late but it’s still here….. the top 5 has missed a month but there will be 2 this month.

This month it’s 5 interesting twitter follows, you will hopefully find these people either as interesting or funny as i do.

5) James Dudley

Follow @MrJamesDudley – A friend yes, but he is crude, rude and sometimes funny. He is good person to follow if you want some cheep laugh, he is an aspiring writer like myself so he maybe famous one day. Also for you woman out there he will also most likely flirt with you, so you have that to look forward to.

4) Charlie Sheen

Follow @charliesheen – Need i say anything? He is either crazy or has a great PR guy, whatever it is sometimes his tweets are as crazy as himself. Though lately they have been more self promoting things, so unless things start to pick up from the loon, a swift unfollow maybe in order.

3) Opta Sports (Jim)

Follow @OptaJim – This is the OPTA sport twitter account for sports other than football. OPTA is basically a company that collects stats for sports, some of these stats are very interesting. While i find the lack of Rugby League stats disturbing, the cricket stats are very interesting.

2) Hideo Kojima

Follow  @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN – My favorite Game designer. The mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series. His main account is in Japanese, so this is a translated account, but you still get little tidbits of news on his games and on Metal Gear Solid. He however does not reply to any question you may have.

1) John Scalzi

Follow @Scalzi – My favorite author, he can be funny and interesting and he has a bad ass profile pic (from one of his books). He also replies  (if he can) to questions.

Well there is my top 5 follows, but really my number 1 follow is myself, because i’m funnier and more interesting than any of these people. So follow @JoelHopkins

A one sided conversation – Pt 2

Let’s be honest, it’s exactly what you thought it would ain’t it.

A note that this a conversation that i had with a friend and it was in good fun, oh and nothing said was true.


A one sided conversation

See the other side of the conversion tomorrow, and put them together.

A note: This  is a conversation that i had with a friend, it was in good fun,  nothing said is true and no celebrity was harm in the making of it.

Thought i’d put that in, given that whole Simon Cowell situation.

My thought on Stargate and it’s future

Is the gate closed for good?

With the recent news that there will be no Stargate movies of any of the series’s ( linky http://a91.eu/eWMBl ), i thought that there is no better of a time to talk about the franchise that has effected my life in such a huge way. In 8 episode’s time it will be the 354th episode of the Stargate franchise but not only that it will be the last ever episode Stargate universe and very likely the last ever episode (at least for a hell of a long time).

Stargate has been a huge part of my life. From a very young age Stargate has been there in my life. My mother favorite movie happened to be the original Stargate movie, she loved it, and i must have seen it 4 or 5 times before i even reached 6. Neither of us knew that in 1997 Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner decided to make the movie, in a genius move in to a TV series. The TV show which was only being shown on SKy1, and at 7 or 8 we did not have cabal or sky to watch the show not that i didn’t know existed. My neighbors did have sky and i was good friends with their grandkids, who just so happen to like this show called “Stargate SG1”. Maybe it’s a fake memory that i have created but i remember watching my first episode of Stargate it was a season 2 episode called “Need” other the next few months and must have watched the show at least every week other there.
Then we got cable, it was amazing, every day a episode was being shown. I watched it all the time it was my first real show that i watched religiously (other than Pokemon). I watched them out of order but slowly i figured out the story and found it was much more than an adventure of the week show. It was funny had action, aliens that i was not scared of and great story’s, with one of the best mythology of any show. I watched new episodes and once i got my tiny TV with an inbuilt DVD player i bought them on DVD. It was my favorite show, but it was more than that; i loved it. Every year since i have been watching i have at least 20 episode’s some time’s 40 episode’s to look forward to. I loved nothing better than on day of a new episode, to turn off the light’s off, move the sofa closer to the TV and maybe even get some popcorn and watch the new adventure.

Now however with no movies on the horizon and other than some Stargate books, there is nothing planned. Brad Wright had left the franchise. Brad Wright the creator of all three shows and the person who has come up with some of the best episode of the franchise, yesterday new episode Twin Destines is a perfect example that. He has got a lot stick recently from so called fans but i for one want to thank him for creating the best franchise in TV history. I have no doubt that he fought tooth and nail to get all the movies made. Wright said “the franchise is now in the hands of MGM” and given the recent history of MGM that not entirely comforting.
I am of the opinion that the Stargate is to big to die. Sure it looks bad it maybe 20 years before we get new Stargate, and that really frustrates me. You know what the real sad fact of this is though, not that it will be a long time before we get new Stargate, but because it won’t our Stargate. Those character who i grew up watching won’t be there, who know who’s hands will be at the helm of this “new Stargate”. It certinely won’t be Brad Wrights Stargate and that’s the show i love. JJ Abrams recently rebooted the Startrek franchise and i liked it but i was never a huge fan of the original TV show, i may have felt differently seeing another take on a show i loved.

I don’t know what is in store for Stargate in the future, i sure hope that whoever takes on the task of rebooting this great franchise, does it with the care and attention it really does deserve.

I love the recent twitter hash tag that David Hewlett recently used #stargatewontdie. It won’t die because i have 14 years with 17 season and two movies to look back on with happy memories. I still have the DVDs and they will getting a lot of use….. and hey i still have 8 new episode still to watch.

Stargate is dead, long live stargate.

I was going to post on my thoughts that it is the fans fault why Stargate was canceled, but i still visit Gateworld from time to time and i don’t want the hassle that comes with that.

Poking – My facebook story

Poking, farmville, invite, invite constant invite. A tag, a link, ten status about the same program. “why don’t we change the profile page, every year” That what they said in the Facebook  development office. Another 50 status complaining about the tiny change. 1000’s of groups joined just because of the thought
i do that too.

A funny video of a cat with thumbs posted on my page.

Another invite to an event with people you don’t know, i click ignore, i seem to do that a lot these days. An email saying you have a wall post, i get curious
someone likes me and i read

“James wrote
James has answered a question about Joel
Joel has new answers to unlock.”

I sigh. Ten more unflattering photos tagged. It goes on…………………

I hate Facebook now. It never used to be like this,  i liked nothing more than to update my status, to let the world know how active and social i was being …… It’s now been 17 days since last status; a unthinkable feet only a year ago. I used to worry that my friends would worry about me, that somehow if i did not post that i was still alive and well twice a day they think me dead, how foolish i was, still am. I update my twitter on the hour; just a change of drug i suppose, just one much simpler.

I think of  removing my Facebook account. I don’t, the thought is still there in my mind, but i download the application on to I-Pad instead. Damn a push notification interrupts my song. Sometimes it get’s mention in a conversation good old Facebook, i try to be cool and state i only use for the chat now-a-days. It’s not completely true, i do occasionally Facebook stalk them girls that i have a crush on. But you can’t very well say that in the middle of a work place, it gives the wrong image of yourself; me hunched over a computer wanking over some girl photo; which FYI i have never done.

I like too poke people and they, me back. Poke a friend that i don’t see as much as i wish or a friends at university. Then you get in contact with them through the poking. It is then that you realize that behind all the applications, (flash games on a social networking site) and spam you get sent, that all your friends still use this shit now corporate site. Damn it to hell i think, i can’t remove my account how ever much i want to. I’m not as strong as my sister who casually removed her page. It’s a sad think that i need Facebook, or i think i do; i’m not sure. You see in my life that the most organised my friends can be is to create a event on Facebook. Without it i would become even more of a social pariah than i already am. Plus there one or two photos on their that make me look passably human, at least some say that.

So what do i do? I ignore it, until it calls me. A push notification, a e-mail or a text asking me to go on to Facebook chat because “it’s cheaper”. No longer are there days where i add people that i barely know; just get my friends count up. I don’t care for Facebook status now, unless i think i have a funny joke. The joke itself might get a few likes but most likely it will add more people to the “add a dislike to Facebook” group.That’s how i use Facebook now, too poke and to chat. Ohhh yes to get poked backed.
How about you?

Now i’m going to try and post something witty on too twitter and get no @ reply’s.

One last thing; R.I.P Bebo and Myspace. I’m sure more will Join you soon.