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Bye bye

Don’t worry I am not stopping this blog.

On Saturday we had a good bye meal for my sister who is off travelling on Thursday (leaving Wednesday to her travelling buddy house). We went to the Old Mill restaurant outside Huddersfield. It was a nice meal had some steak in terikia source for my main little chewy but nice. I will stop there on the food i don’t want it to turn it a food review blog, although i’m sure somewhere down the line it will end up being one, so don’t quote me on this.
So yeah my sister is going travelling. She is going for 3 months and seeing loads and loads of Asia she starts off in China. Her start of the trip is the very similer to my school trip to China that I did 2 1/2 years ago when i visited Beijing, Shanghi and Xi’an just in a different order.


Me, just in my casual clothes.

I hope she has a grand time in Asia, i’m sure she will and take away a lot of memories, I know I did from just 2 weeks.

Finally got somewhere on the job front, with a phone interview at william hill in leeds apparently I may get spat in the face hopefully something will come from it. Also had a driving lesson today that was my 6th lesson and i am doing alright at the moment can’t say i am loving at the moment probably still a bit  nervous.
Reading another Frank Herbert book at the moment ‘The White Plague’ just another book to put on the pile of apocalypse books which i seem to have read a lot of, what does that tell you about me.

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