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Put me in a book store….

I simply don’t pay for books, of all the book’s i have ever read only a handful of books that i actually owned. A library is pretty amazing place, it’s one of the only place where you can get stuff you want for free*, with the online service it is very easy to get most books you want. Now that borders have closed there are very few large book stores around, so when i was in London yesterday and i was confronted with Europe largest book store, i made the choice to buy a few books from the Sci-Fi and fantasy section.

The collection i bought,

I know 6 books is not a massive amount; but i had to lug this collection all about London and some of the books happens to be quite chunky, with one books being 3 books in one. Many of the books are part of a series i’m already quite familial with;

  • Two lord of the rings books are there as i mentioned in my previous blog, i had read the first book and i was planing to read the next two.
  • Heretics of Dune i have read the previous 4 books in the dune series, which i believe is best Sci-fi  series out their. And i’m looking forward to reading this book.
  • The forever omnibus, i have read forever war but this book cotains the original (i got it from a library) and the two other books in the series, which i have been planing to read for a while.

The other two American Gods, and Seeds of the earth are both books i have heard of, seen some good reviews of and they have been recommended to me. On the train home i read the first 70 odd pages of American Gods and so far it is VERY good.

*For a limited time