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Poking – My facebook story

Poking, farmville, invite, invite constant invite. A tag, a link, ten status about the same program. “why don’t we change the profile page, every year” That what they said in the Facebook  development office. Another 50 status complaining about the tiny change. 1000’s of groups joined just because of the thought
i do that too.

A funny video of a cat with thumbs posted on my page.

Another invite to an event with people you don’t know, i click ignore, i seem to do that a lot these days. An email saying you have a wall post, i get curious
someone likes me and i read

“James wrote
James has answered a question about Joel
Joel has new answers to unlock.”

I sigh. Ten more unflattering photos tagged. It goes on…………………

I hate Facebook now. It never used to be like this,  i liked nothing more than to update my status, to let the world know how active and social i was being …… It’s now been 17 days since last status; a unthinkable feet only a year ago. I used to worry that my friends would worry about me, that somehow if i did not post that i was still alive and well twice a day they think me dead, how foolish i was, still am. I update my twitter on the hour; just a change of drug i suppose, just one much simpler.

I think of  removing my Facebook account. I don’t, the thought is still there in my mind, but i download the application on to I-Pad instead. Damn a push notification interrupts my song. Sometimes it get’s mention in a conversation good old Facebook, i try to be cool and state i only use for the chat now-a-days. It’s not completely true, i do occasionally Facebook stalk them girls that i have a crush on. But you can’t very well say that in the middle of a work place, it gives the wrong image of yourself; me hunched over a computer wanking over some girl photo; which FYI i have never done.

I like too poke people and they, me back. Poke a friend that i don’t see as much as i wish or a friends at university. Then you get in contact with them through the poking. It is then that you realize that behind all the applications, (flash games on a social networking site) and spam you get sent, that all your friends still use this shit now corporate site. Damn it to hell i think, i can’t remove my account how ever much i want to. I’m not as strong as my sister who casually removed her page. It’s a sad think that i need Facebook, or i think i do; i’m not sure. You see in my life that the most organised my friends can be is to create a event on Facebook. Without it i would become even more of a social pariah than i already am. Plus there one or two photos on their that make me look passably human, at least some say that.

So what do i do? I ignore it, until it calls me. A push notification, a e-mail or a text asking me to go on to Facebook chat because “it’s cheaper”. No longer are there days where i add people that i barely know; just get my friends count up. I don’t care for Facebook status now, unless i think i have a funny joke. The joke itself might get a few likes but most likely it will add more people to the “add a dislike to Facebook” group.That’s how i use Facebook now, too poke and to chat. Ohhh yes to get poked backed.
How about you?

Now i’m going to try and post something witty on too twitter and get no @ reply’s.

One last thing; R.I.P Bebo and Myspace. I’m sure more will Join you soon.