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Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies of my lifetime

Another top 5 list…… all of which you should go and watch.

What will be my number 1?

5. Matrix

You know it did get a little strange after the first film, but that first film blew people away when it first came out. A story about the world which is not the world…. sure it did not make 100% of sense, humans being used as batterers and some such stuff. A film that has more leather than a S&M orgy, is always going to be a strange. In my list because: the action, gunfights, martial arts and  it is just cool :8 is something that means it is in top 5 Sci-fi  films from my lifetime.

4. Stargate

Probably surprisingly high up in my list given my love for the stargate franchise. The film that inspired the long running TV franchise, that alone gives it a lot credit in my book. It a good action movie, and does something which most is quite hard in the genre, mixes History and Science in a non cheesy, time travel way. In my list because: it is stargate.

3. Moon

A smart film like the two that will be below it, from what I understand it had relatively small budget.. it manages to create suspense, confusion and even anger from the audience (well me). It could be hard watching a film which has only one actor in it through the whole thing, lucky the acting is good, and the film has clever ways of having creating different characters, using the same actor, and a robot. In my list because: It is smart, funny and has atmospheric music.

2. Donnie Darko

A odd little film, that has gotten lots of praise. Whether the film is a Sci-fi or not is a massive problem when the film is as good as this, it never says if says if there is time travel is real, or just the delusion of a crazy person…. I suspect it was supposed to have happened. In my list because: It is crazy, odd, great use of music, and makes you want to be a crazy person.

1. The Truman show

The number one in my list, you could argue that it is not a Sci-Fi film, but a film which question society, looks at something that could happen and in my book that gives all the hallmarks of a great Sci-Fi. Big brother on a large scale, it is endearing, quirky, very sad, funny because of Jim Carrey and clever because of the story. All these reason make it number one on my list.


You might notice that all 5 of these film, were originals, not remakes, not squeals, some my have spawned squeals but these were the first films. There should be more original Sci-Fi films out there, most end up being quite good.



Mice or toadstools or buttercups – The crazy world of internet fandom

Internet fandom is an odd place, if you are looking in to it as a outsider, you will see strange, obsessive, geeky,  some pasty white and possibly unhealthy people talking about some crazy shit, that you probably won’t or don’t want to understand. I was thrown in to this geeky world at the age 14 (A young 14 too) , spending much of my school evenings and weekends on the Stargate forum – Gateworld, at that age I can admit I probably did spend too much time talking on there, I got obsessed with the place. Getting over excited at having like minded people to talk to about my favourite franchise, was the reason for my obsessive behaviour (which I tend to do a lot). After two years I got bored, real life overtook my need to go on there so I left, though not completely. I’d like to go on back on for the odd couple of weeks show my face, and speak to few people I had made friends with while I was there in my obsessive period. Then a few months ago I got a bit more free time and started  going back on Gateworld, for what looked like another 2 week stint on the site. So far it has lasted two month probably my longest duration back since that obsessive phase of mine. Not all my time has been spent back at gateworld, thanks to a tip off, I found another smaller forum, made up of lots of Gateworlders ex and current. http://orionspace.info or the onion as it called a lot. It is a more friendly place, and it is lots easier to chat off the sci-fi topic without a lot of the religious nonsense which get thrown around a lot in my old forum. The mods are nice too *shifty eyes*.

These conversation look strange from the outside, but are perfectly normal from within

As a outsider you’d see that, then probably think what strange and odd people (one of whom is me), but if you look at the conversation you notice it is the same as the strange conversation (well I seem to have) that you would have with your real life friends. That not to say it’s completely normal on there, I’ve caught myself saying some very odd things that i’d never say to someone who I have only know for a month and half, and only their online persona at that. Being behind a computer is the reason for that, it  is easy to get carried away, which is why sometimes I have seen people go overboard and  might have gone there myself sometimes, and that is why it is a crazy place to be. But it is nice to back in that online fandom, it is a pretty good way to spend your time when you are bored, it is a great way to get to know people from across the globe, that you would not normally talk to and everyone wants to be a little bit crazy now and then.

Top 5 aliens

Movies, TV shows, games, and books, you can’t get away from the things. They are either funny and cute, or evil child abducting monsters. They might stick a probe up your bum or they might just want to go home. Whatever they want, a truly amazing alien will keep kids up at night; some adults too. A good alien is not just scary, but believable, they might not even be intelligent, but they must look good. A back story can help but keeping the aliens mystery’s is also good.  So this is my top

5. Sandworms (Dune books)

The sandworm!

The sandworm is the only alien on the list that does not exhibit  a clear intelligence. The sandworm or the spice worms, are the central species in Frank Herbert epic Dune novels. The giant worms have are a crucial part of the dune  (Arrakis)  planet, ecosystem. They are the create a spice that allows pilots powers for safe interstellar space travel so they are most important things in the dune universe. The worms are the central to how the whole universe of the Dune Universe and they look pretty bad ass so that is why they are on the list.

4. Combine (half life series)

The adviser combine

In Half life the combine have a number of different looks, they can be transformed human, alien or  a synthetic lifeform with AI .  They have taken over the earth and are extremely smart as well as being completely evil. Combine are harsh rulers that use violence to keep the population subservient. The combine are a lot of different races together, so i can’t go their look to put them on the list, although the grub like alien (pic)  is perhaps the most alien that is shown in the series. The combine is the only truly bad aliens on the list, they have not killed the population but enslaved them. They are my favorite alien race from a game.

3 Prawns (District 9)

Fucking Prawns

The fucking prawns from district 9, are the most disgusting aliens. While the Aliens from Alien drool everywhere, this species eats cat food. The aliens are abused by humans which is a strange twist to the alien movie, and they look like seafood. I like prawns so they are on the list.

2. ET (E.T)


You can’t have a list of aliens with out including the leathery, rugby ball headed, dwarf. All ET wanted to was “go home” but we humans just could not let that happen. I know how unlikely that an alien would look so close to humans, but would we really feel such sadness for a gas cloud that speaks through farts? i think not. ET goes on because i’d feel bad if i didn’t put the little fella (was he a man?) on here.

1. Grey Aliens (various including stargate)

Asgard a typical Grey alien

When we think of aliens we think of Greys, they are burned into are conciseness. They might be tall or short, they look like unnatural humans that could do with a bite more to eat, and they are at the scariest when you only see their outline. Greys have been in many programs and films with the Asgard from stargate being one of the more famous ones. Given that i am such a big sci-fi fan you might think as a kid i would love aliens, not the case, i had so many nightmares about the Greys, that it is not a joke. I would stay up at night and think they would open my door with their long spindly arms. That is why Greys are number 1 because they scare the shit out of me and a lot of other like minded people.


Top 5 Stargate Universe Episodes

Out of the Top 5 i have made to do with the Stargate franchise, this one was the hardest to narrow down to just five episodes. This could be because the episodes are more fresh in my mind than the other series, or it could because many of the 40 episodes are of a very equal standard to each other. That is not to say it’s a better series but probably a more consistent with the episodes than the other shows. That does fit in with the fact it has a larger ark going through the program. I’m going to talk about why i liked the episode not what happened in it, because any one that actually does read this will probably know what happens.

5) Light

The destiny dives into the a sun

This was the first episode of Stargate universe to make me feel something for the character of the show, the danger felt real because the show was new and i was not sure how far they would go to a make risk element in the show. The music was absolutely superb, with what i i considered was the best score in any Stargate episode. While many did argue that the first 30 mins was slow, however i felt it all built up to explosive and hot episode.

4) Lost

The space dino

As the space dino above show this was an action packed episode, with the most use of the all important Stargate than i can ever remember, they visit many different worlds in this episode, each world has it’s own unique feel and it’s builds a lot of tension culminating in a great cliff hanger (which was ruined slightly by the next episode). We find out a lot about one of our character, told through flash backs. We see Greer with an Afro and who would not want that; worth the admission price itself that.

3) Blockade


Just for the fact the episode has visual effects, that would look good against the latest million dollar blockbuster, makes it deserves a place in the top 5. The second to last episode of the series, and i talked about the episode in my bi-week bi-week  round up of the last episodes of SGU, a couple of month’s ago. The great thing about this that both the A story and the B story are so good that you can’t tell which is which. Another episode that has great music playing throughout.

2) Time

Scott the action hero

This was the episode that even some of the more hardcore Universe neigh-sayers admitted was pretty damn cool. Time takes a well know part of the stargate mythology (the fact a Stargate can send you back in time; given the correct set of circumstances) and create not only a classic Stargate episode but a classic peace of Sci-fi, while the story is not completely original, it is done in original way, some people did not like the like cloverfield (that film) type camera angle, i was neither happy nor angry at it, i did not notice it all that much. I think this was Scott greatest episodes (even though technically not our Scott) i’m confused now.

1) Awakening

Ugly but ever so slightly cute

While not wholly are allies they were the aliens that were arguably the friendly aliens that we met; out there in the big wide universe. The scene which still gives me goosebumps the most in this one, is seeing the room where the Stargate are made. In over 300 episodes of stargate this is the most we ever see of the ancient devices being made. As always the vis effects are awesome and we see Telford take the center stage more, he changed from an annoying hindrance to a friend and a good character.

There is not much inbetween any of the episodes in this top 5.
Episodes such as Common Decent and Malice only just missed out.

Damn i miss Stargate, think i’m going to have get involved in the Gateworld Stargate rewatch.

Other news of note
4 More working days till i’m out of a job, confusing times ahead for me i feel.
Leeds won again and they are just 80 mins away from getting to another Grand final.

So today’s the day

For the first time since i was knee high to a grasshopper, that i will be alive in the knowledge that there is no new Stargate to look forward to. That’s right tonight the last ever episode of Stargate Universe and of the Stargate Franchise.

We here in good ole’ England have had to wait a little longer the last two episode of Universe, but i’v been thankful to have been able to stretch that Stargate goodness for a little longer.

I will do a proper blog on the finale latter on, which will hopefully fitting for my show. I love you Stargate, i really do; honestly i really, really doooo.

Top 5 Stargate SG1 episodes

This months top 5 is my favourite episode, of my favourite TV show, of my favourite franchise; Stargate SG1. But let me tell you this it’s not an easy task picking 5 episodes from over 200.

There has been enough of my top 5 for you to know how it works (it’s pretty simple in reality) so without further ado let it commences.

5) Camelot

The Super Gate

The most newsiest episode in this top 5, the season 9 finale and a cliffhanger (The first since season 4). This episode really epitomizes the action and adventure of Stargate SG1. It’s a real fast paced, action packed and few more buzz words episode.The last seasons of SG1, contained some amazing special effects, and just look at the super gate in that photo above.  Camelot guest starring the amazing John Nobel (Fringe and Lord of the rings). Basically in this episode the SG1 crew are on the hunt for holy grail! I know cheesy! But as any stargate fan know a little bit of cheese does not harm the show. In just this one episode, it goes from a sword with a knight, to a huge stargate opening in deep space, to a massive space battle. AND, and Vala is found to be pregnant a real dun dun dun moment. If it was not for me going on gateworld and reading spoilers all the time I would have been shocked at that one. A great end too one of the poorer (that being relative) seasons of the show.

4) Threads

Finally they all get to go fishing.................

The special 63 minuet episode, well if you watched it when it first aired. If the Camelot epitomizes the action and adventure aspect then Threads shows emotion and great story telling in stargate. This episode show the aftermath of the previous two parter “Reckoning”. It  focuses on Daniel Jackson who is for want of a better a word in Limbo, he is given a choice to  Die or become an Ascended being. The catch is that even though you are all powerful, you can’t interfere with us lower beings. It really cleverly done, showing the decision being made in an old american dinner, with lot’s of pancakes.  There is aspects of this episode that Stargate has never tried before and they did work great. Little detailed things such as the newspaper with the current affairs of the universe, gave it strange outer limits feel, which helped to put this episode in my top 5.

3)Window of opportunity


If the Camelot epitomizes action and adventure and Threads epitomizes Emotion, then Window of opportunity really must epitomizes the humor of Stargate. Now Stargate has never been a show that takes it self too seriously but Window of opportunity takes this to a new level. Basically it’s groundhog day in the SGC, only O’Neill and Teal’c can actually remember or know that the loops are happening. With out being clichéd let’s say hilarity ensues. First O’Neill and Teal’c become frustrated, then they have a plan, but before they put it in to action they have a little fun. Some classic scenes in this episode are; WACKO (see above photo), golfing through the Stargate, a bike round the SGC, Teal’c being repeatedly hit by a door and O’Neill getting bored of fruit loops. I find this episode (and the show) more funnier than most of the actually comedy shows on TV, which just goes to show how much depth this program has. It’s not all laugh though with a very emotion moment at the very end of the episode.

2) The lost City

Fuck you Anubis

This is another episode that is all about the action and adventure. Originally this was planed as a movie, and you can see why. The size is that of a movie, a huge space battle; most likely the biggest space battle of the entire series and most probably the entire franchise. The sheer amount of Stuff that happens in Lost city is staggering. Huge game changing events happen. And while so much does happen, like always Stargate manages to get those emotional moment in there. There is a  scene where all of SG1 go in to O’Neill Cabin (when it looks like he will die) they are all joking, and drinking beer; it’s a moment for the long time fan such as my self. These characters are truly best friends, it’s nice to see.  Along with all this emotion and action they also manage to squeeze in a number scenes about a crossword, only in Stargate would this happen.

1) The fifth race

Humans could be the Fifth Race..... They bloody well let any body in these days

While Stargate is a adventure of the week show, it’s always did have a underline story; that of the gate builders, the ancient’s. Every now and then an episode would come along that would explain a little more about them and the mythology of the show (perhaps not enough). These ancient were apart of a group of the most technological advance group of aliens in the universe, the four races. Though at the present day only two of these species still were alive and kicking, the Nox’s and the Asgard.  This episode explains much about the alliance as well as the name of the forth species that was in the group; the furlings, who we find lot’s and lot’s about later on. The Asgard speak to O’Neill as a equal, it’s nice. Theses little gray aliens have been visiting humans for years and have been studding us (creepy but, their nice so i will forgive them).

O’Neill like in Lost City is dying (from the same thing (just 6 seasons apart)), the Asgard do cure him this time. There is at the end a real feel good moment for humanity as a whole is when the Asgard say that we are fast becoming the the Fifth race. I love episodes that delve in to the mythology of the show, the show has got such great back story, and this episode establishes so much of that. I know i’m not on my own in putting this as my favorite episode of Stargate SG1 ever. You may ask if we ever did become the fifth race, well why don’t you watch Stargate and find. It really is a amazing show.

That’s it for another top 5.

Guess who’s Birthday it is on Wednesday? Yup me, I expect many gifts!