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A 2011 interview with me

Since I know no one interesting or famous enough (not that they would agree to do one either) to warrant an interview. So like the arrogant fucker I am, I thought i’d put my 2011 memories in the form of an interview.

1) Best place you visited?
In between my large period of being a hermit writer, I have managed to see some very nice places, I went to London twice. I saw Wembley stadium for the second time but this time with my team leeds rhinos playing. But the best place has to be when I spent the week in Rome, a place I have always wanted to visit. We spent a exhausting 5 days making sure we saw all the sites.

See more of my photos of Rome from my 5 days there here (https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/extras-rome-photos/)

2. Best book you read?
According my goodsreads account, I read 25 new book last year (plus 2 re reads of books). Not a huge amount, but I managed to fit in a number very good books in there. I managed to finally read all 3 of the Lord of the rings books. The new John Scalzi novel Fuzzy Nation was a great book, I read the 4th dune book. Other book I really enjoyed was flashfoward and the forever series of books.  I read number of other sci-fi, post apocalyptic, fantasy and the odd thriller book in the year. But my favourite would probably have to be Neil Gaiman American Gods, different to anything else I read this year and it is partly the inspiration for the story (more credit should be given to lord of light however) I am currently writing.

3. Best film?
For me it has been a pretty poor year for films, and I would have really struggled coming up with my best film year before last week. I ordered Rise of the planet of apes on sky box office. I really enjoyed the prequel/remake, perhaps I have seen a better a film, but I really can’t think of any off the top of my head.

4. Best TV show?
There has been a few contender’s for this, starting with the last ever episodes of Stargate Universe and in turn the Stargate franchise. However, that is tinged with so much sadness I can’t put it as my best TV show of last year. Walking Dead season 2 (part 1) also aired which carried on from an excellent first series. There was Game of thrones which pretty amazing and the Borgias which I enjoyed as well. The show I enjoyed the most would be the first series of Sherlock, the second series just recently started and it reminded me just how good the show is, and how great those first episode were.

5. Best Game?
Mass effects 2 (see http://wp.me/psL0a-jo)

6. Best Album?
Another thing that I really haven’t kept up with all that much. I got the new Foo Fighters album, along with the long awaited (for me) new Kaiser Chiefs album which I thought was great. However, I found a new group that I really like The Dresden Dolls, and while none of their albums were released this year. I found all their albums were available on the website, for a pay-what-you-like price. So I manage to get 3 albums and a live album for a cheekily cheap sum. The songs have been played over and over again on my I pod and computer so one of their album would probably be the best.

7. Best Moment?
Without a doubt seeing Leeds Rhinos win their 5th grand final in 8 years, from the fifth position.Which was the lowest ever position for a team to win it from, they shocked almost everyone (including me) by winning it, and showed the world that they are true team of champions. I have been lucky enough to see all 5 of those grand finals they won, in them I have seen some magnificent tries. But the two tries that Rob Burrow scored and made were pretty amazing, and will stick in my memory for a long time to come, like the Scot Donald try in 2007.

Best moment

8. Best Gig?
I’ve seen a few good bands this year, Hurts in February was amazing and so was seeing Muse for the second time at Leeds Festival. Though the best gig I went to was seeing Arcade fire for the second time too. They are a interesting band to watch, because they are so many of them. Your eyes move all around, not being sure what to look at next. I give credit to my sister for getting me into them, they have a unique style. And they put on great show.

9. Most important thing that happen you in 2011?
I guess having an almost full time job, while it was only for a little over 6 months, it was an interesting experience living life of almost full time working. It was not my ideal job, and not at all stimulating, but then again I did say I got the experience of a full time job, so what did I expect? Hopefully, a new job will rear its head soon in 2012.

10. What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
Quite a few things, there might be a holiday to American in the making which would be very, very good. I will be going to Italy to see my sister, who is now living there for next 6 months. But most of all I look forward to reading plenty more books, playing more games and getting a lot more writing done this year, a lot more than I did last year. Oh and the new Keane album and tour!


Top 5 Stargate Universe Episodes

Out of the Top 5 i have made to do with the Stargate franchise, this one was the hardest to narrow down to just five episodes. This could be because the episodes are more fresh in my mind than the other series, or it could because many of the 40 episodes are of a very equal standard to each other. That is not to say it’s a better series but probably a more consistent with the episodes than the other shows. That does fit in with the fact it has a larger ark going through the program. I’m going to talk about why i liked the episode not what happened in it, because any one that actually does read this will probably know what happens.

5) Light

The destiny dives into the a sun

This was the first episode of Stargate universe to make me feel something for the character of the show, the danger felt real because the show was new and i was not sure how far they would go to a make risk element in the show. The music was absolutely superb, with what i i considered was the best score in any Stargate episode. While many did argue that the first 30 mins was slow, however i felt it all built up to explosive and hot episode.

4) Lost

The space dino

As the space dino above show this was an action packed episode, with the most use of the all important Stargate than i can ever remember, they visit many different worlds in this episode, each world has it’s own unique feel and it’s builds a lot of tension culminating in a great cliff hanger (which was ruined slightly by the next episode). We find out a lot about one of our character, told through flash backs. We see Greer with an Afro and who would not want that; worth the admission price itself that.

3) Blockade


Just for the fact the episode has visual effects, that would look good against the latest million dollar blockbuster, makes it deserves a place in the top 5. The second to last episode of the series, and i talked about the episode in my bi-week bi-week  round up of the last episodes of SGU, a couple of month’s ago. The great thing about this that both the A story and the B story are so good that you can’t tell which is which. Another episode that has great music playing throughout.

2) Time

Scott the action hero

This was the episode that even some of the more hardcore Universe neigh-sayers admitted was pretty damn cool. Time takes a well know part of the stargate mythology (the fact a Stargate can send you back in time; given the correct set of circumstances) and create not only a classic Stargate episode but a classic peace of Sci-fi, while the story is not completely original, it is done in original way, some people did not like the like cloverfield (that film) type camera angle, i was neither happy nor angry at it, i did not notice it all that much. I think this was Scott greatest episodes (even though technically not our Scott) i’m confused now.

1) Awakening

Ugly but ever so slightly cute

While not wholly are allies they were the aliens that were arguably the friendly aliens that we met; out there in the big wide universe. The scene which still gives me goosebumps the most in this one, is seeing the room where the Stargate are made. In over 300 episodes of stargate this is the most we ever see of the ancient devices being made. As always the vis effects are awesome and we see Telford take the center stage more, he changed from an annoying hindrance to a friend and a good character.

There is not much inbetween any of the episodes in this top 5.
Episodes such as Common Decent and Malice only just missed out.

Damn i miss Stargate, think i’m going to have get involved in the Gateworld Stargate rewatch.

Other news of note
4 More working days till i’m out of a job, confusing times ahead for me i feel.
Leeds won again and they are just 80 mins away from getting to another Grand final.

Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 19 and 20

Well it’s over, the last two episode of Stargate universe has aired. I know I sound like a broken record, but don’t worry it’s over now…… well at least until this blog is over.

Blockade 2-19

Part one of the so called drone double episode. As the title so correctly shows, their is a blockade, the evil mysterious drones have taken place at in front of the power giving stars in destiny path. With power dwindling down and not many options the crew becomes desperate, Eli comes up with a lonely plan though. Using the wrong kinda star to power up destiny’s batteries. The star will heat up the ship to a level in which any body on board (without special the suits (of which there is only 3)) would die. So they of course use the Stargate to gate a planet while the ship charges up. It is an action pack episode, with both ground and space battles with the drones. It was nice to see another planet and the gate get used, as it only briefly used in the next episode

Gauntlet 2-20

Watching this episode in the knowledge that not everything would be resolved was best thing I could have done. In a surprisingly satisfying ending. Everything is left open; as i thought, it still ended in an emotional soothing journey. It was sad, uplifting and a slightly bit mad. Rush was confirmed as the crazy uncle, as they discussed the crew being a family. That was a nice moment, moments like that were common in SG1 and Atlantis and it was nice to it SGU after a year and half of crew squabbles.

So that it, it’s over kaput, gone to the big network in they sky. It’s an ex show, that will only be seen in syndication and in my Blu ray player. I’m sad not only for the end show, but the end of the franchise.  That is it for now, for Stargate and all these Stargate related blogs, well at least for a bit.

So today’s the day

For the first time since i was knee high to a grasshopper, that i will be alive in the knowledge that there is no new Stargate to look forward to. That’s right tonight the last ever episode of Stargate Universe and of the Stargate Franchise.

We here in good ole’ England have had to wait a little longer the last two episode of Universe, but i’v been thankful to have been able to stretch that Stargate goodness for a little longer.

I will do a proper blog on the finale latter on, which will hopefully fitting for my show. I love you Stargate, i really do; honestly i really, really doooo.

Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 17 and 18

It seems lots of my post recently are about Stargate, I thought i might as well get as many of them in while I can.

It’s my penultimate roundup of last episodes of Stargate Universe.

Common Descent 2-17

Ohhhh shit……

Common Descent starts a two parter; the two parter is the greatest two parter in Stargate’s long and illustrates history. This was more action oriented episode of the two, while that was the case, the action still took second place to the story. Now the story it self was a great Sci-fi one, due to a freak accident while dialing  the Stargate inside a sun (See Twin Destines) it sent our crew back in time and stuck on a planet. Only because of Rushes action’s in the bracketed episode, stopped are crew from the same fate. Back in present day the current Destiny crew find the desdents of the crew that went back in time. In between a Drone attack and a few comic moments, we have a few flashbacks to the crew that went back in time, so we get a little idea of them building the colony. It turns out that these people are just a settlement on a planet within gate range of the original planet they colonized. This settlement says it has been around for 30 years since they lost contact, they ask the crew to bring them home. The lack of air and supplies mean they can’t help them out, a drone attack changes the matter. Since are guys are the good guys, we can’t let these people die, so we allow them on the ship. Only to find out the their/our home planet has been completely deserted.

On to part 2

Epilogue 2-18

Eli's school

Eli’s school

Following on from the last episode. Our gang search the deserted planet, to find a working database of the history of the old crew. The episode is mainly telling of the story of the starting of the colony. Emotions comes through the alternate version living this story, as well our crew seeing reading/watching their alternative lives.  I don’t want to go in to each individual scene, as my lack luster way of describing things just would not do the episode justice.
Other than some extremely emotional moments and shit like that. There is some very funny moments. My personal favorite is below.

The main sadness is that it’s taken this long to bring some consitent comedy in the show.

Episode 19 is on in two hours. See y’all on the other side

Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 15 and 16

I continue the roundup of the last season’s final stint of Stargate universe, with the last two episodes from the previous two weeks.

First up;

Seizure 2-15

Woolsey comes through the gate

You may remember me talking about how excited i was for this episode (https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/6-days-from-now), well it did not disappoint. It see the return of some old Stargate alumni in the form of Dr. McKay, and Richard Woolsey. McKay returned in his usual the character role of coming up with a genius solution to a problem, the same is for Woolsey who has his political head on for this episode. Given the large Atlantis presence in the show, you would not be remissed to assume that we would find out even just  little about what happened to Atlantis, after all the city could not just sit in San Fran’s bay after this amount of time. Sadly no tidbits or mentions are involved. At this time the Atlantis movie was still very much on the cards, i assume that is the reason why nothing was revealed. I think there was also a missed opertunity to bring back SG1’s Jonas after much of the episode took place on his home planet……. again i know he was not the most popular character but i felt he could have added even more of that nostalgia factor.

It was nice to see the Stargate take a central role in the episode, nothing new is revealed about the inner working of the gate, but all the drama in the episode unfolded in and around the gate. There was also a good old chevron locked countdown, sadly the gate did not end up being dialed. There was also a near little B-story line involving Rush, and rush having sex. A really good episode, with even a mention of McKay’s deadly citrus allergy.

The Hunt 2-16

I don’t think the stick is sharp enough.

This was a action orientated off world episode and these are usually the best episode, this happened to be the worse episode of the 6 that have been shown so far. It was not bad by any stretch of the imagination, there was some really cool moments, and i thought the ending was very clever and did catch me a little off guard.  The episode never seemed get exciting though, i never felt any real danger, most likely because TJ and that other guy, are not confronted by the creature it self till the very end. I was also a little underwhelmed by the whole alien planet, i’m pretty sure it was a earth like Forrest that had being seen a number of times in the show, but they said they were trying not to use. For the sake of practicability i can understand why it cost much less to use a near by Forrest; than design and build a planet from scratch.

Volker who is fast becoming my favorite charecter had some hardship in the episode. There was also got to see a mischievous Dr Rush well a slightly less Evil Mischievous Rush. It’s a good episode but compared to some of the recent episodes it falls a little short.

The amount of episode is fast becoming less and less, but hopefully the empty feeling inside will be dull somewhat by the Stargate re watch i plan to do once it’s all done.