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My thought on Stargate and it’s future

Is the gate closed for good?

With the recent news that there will be no Stargate movies of any of the series’s ( linky http://a91.eu/eWMBl ), i thought that there is no better of a time to talk about the franchise that has effected my life in such a huge way. In 8 episode’s time it will be the 354th episode of the Stargate franchise but not only that it will be the last ever episode Stargate universe and very likely the last ever episode (at least for a hell of a long time).

Stargate has been a huge part of my life. From a very young age Stargate has been there in my life. My mother favorite movie happened to be the original Stargate movie, she loved it, and i must have seen it 4 or 5 times before i even reached 6. Neither of us knew that in 1997 Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner decided to make the movie, in a genius move in to a TV series. The TV show which was only being shown on SKy1, and at 7 or 8 we did not have cabal or sky to watch the show not that i didn’t know existed. My neighbors did have sky and i was good friends with their grandkids, who just so happen to like this show called “Stargate SG1”. Maybe it’s a fake memory that i have created but i remember watching my first episode of Stargate it was a season 2 episode called “Need” other the next few months and must have watched the show at least every week other there.
Then we got cable, it was amazing, every day a episode was being shown. I watched it all the time it was my first real show that i watched religiously (other than Pokemon). I watched them out of order but slowly i figured out the story and found it was much more than an adventure of the week show. It was funny had action, aliens that i was not scared of and great story’s, with one of the best mythology of any show. I watched new episodes and once i got my tiny TV with an inbuilt DVD player i bought them on DVD. It was my favorite show, but it was more than that; i loved it. Every year since i have been watching i have at least 20 episode’s some time’s 40 episode’s to look forward to. I loved nothing better than on day of a new episode, to turn off the light’s off, move the sofa closer to the TV and maybe even get some popcorn and watch the new adventure.

Now however with no movies on the horizon and other than some Stargate books, there is nothing planned. Brad Wright had left the franchise. Brad Wright the creator of all three shows and the person who has come up with some of the best episode of the franchise, yesterday new episode Twin Destines is a perfect example that. He has got a lot stick recently from so called fans but i for one want to thank him for creating the best franchise in TV history. I have no doubt that he fought tooth and nail to get all the movies made. Wright said “the franchise is now in the hands of MGM” and given the recent history of MGM that not entirely comforting.
I am of the opinion that the Stargate is to big to die. Sure it looks bad it maybe 20 years before we get new Stargate, and that really frustrates me. You know what the real sad fact of this is though, not that it will be a long time before we get new Stargate, but because it won’t our Stargate. Those character who i grew up watching won’t be there, who know who’s hands will be at the helm of this “new Stargate”. It certinely won’t be Brad Wrights Stargate and that’s the show i love. JJ Abrams recently rebooted the Startrek franchise and i liked it but i was never a huge fan of the original TV show, i may have felt differently seeing another take on a show i loved.

I don’t know what is in store for Stargate in the future, i sure hope that whoever takes on the task of rebooting this great franchise, does it with the care and attention it really does deserve.

I love the recent twitter hash tag that David Hewlett recently used #stargatewontdie. It won’t die because i have 14 years with 17 season and two movies to look back on with happy memories. I still have the DVDs and they will getting a lot of use….. and hey i still have 8 new episode still to watch.

Stargate is dead, long live stargate.

I was going to post on my thoughts that it is the fans fault why Stargate was canceled, but i still visit Gateworld from time to time and i don’t want the hassle that comes with that.

Top 5 Stargate SG1 episodes

This months top 5 is my favourite episode, of my favourite TV show, of my favourite franchise; Stargate SG1. But let me tell you this it’s not an easy task picking 5 episodes from over 200.

There has been enough of my top 5 for you to know how it works (it’s pretty simple in reality) so without further ado let it commences.

5) Camelot

The Super Gate

The most newsiest episode in this top 5, the season 9 finale and a cliffhanger (The first since season 4). This episode really epitomizes the action and adventure of Stargate SG1. It’s a real fast paced, action packed and few more buzz words episode.The last seasons of SG1, contained some amazing special effects, and just look at the super gate in that photo above.  Camelot guest starring the amazing John Nobel (Fringe and Lord of the rings). Basically in this episode the SG1 crew are on the hunt for holy grail! I know cheesy! But as any stargate fan know a little bit of cheese does not harm the show. In just this one episode, it goes from a sword with a knight, to a huge stargate opening in deep space, to a massive space battle. AND, and Vala is found to be pregnant a real dun dun dun moment. If it was not for me going on gateworld and reading spoilers all the time I would have been shocked at that one. A great end too one of the poorer (that being relative) seasons of the show.

4) Threads

Finally they all get to go fishing.................

The special 63 minuet episode, well if you watched it when it first aired. If the Camelot epitomizes the action and adventure aspect then Threads shows emotion and great story telling in stargate. This episode show the aftermath of the previous two parter “Reckoning”. It  focuses on Daniel Jackson who is for want of a better a word in Limbo, he is given a choice to  Die or become an Ascended being. The catch is that even though you are all powerful, you can’t interfere with us lower beings. It really cleverly done, showing the decision being made in an old american dinner, with lot’s of pancakes.  There is aspects of this episode that Stargate has never tried before and they did work great. Little detailed things such as the newspaper with the current affairs of the universe, gave it strange outer limits feel, which helped to put this episode in my top 5.

3)Window of opportunity


If the Camelot epitomizes action and adventure and Threads epitomizes Emotion, then Window of opportunity really must epitomizes the humor of Stargate. Now Stargate has never been a show that takes it self too seriously but Window of opportunity takes this to a new level. Basically it’s groundhog day in the SGC, only O’Neill and Teal’c can actually remember or know that the loops are happening. With out being clichéd let’s say hilarity ensues. First O’Neill and Teal’c become frustrated, then they have a plan, but before they put it in to action they have a little fun. Some classic scenes in this episode are; WACKO (see above photo), golfing through the Stargate, a bike round the SGC, Teal’c being repeatedly hit by a door and O’Neill getting bored of fruit loops. I find this episode (and the show) more funnier than most of the actually comedy shows on TV, which just goes to show how much depth this program has. It’s not all laugh though with a very emotion moment at the very end of the episode.

2) The lost City

Fuck you Anubis

This is another episode that is all about the action and adventure. Originally this was planed as a movie, and you can see why. The size is that of a movie, a huge space battle; most likely the biggest space battle of the entire series and most probably the entire franchise. The sheer amount of Stuff that happens in Lost city is staggering. Huge game changing events happen. And while so much does happen, like always Stargate manages to get those emotional moment in there. There is a  scene where all of SG1 go in to O’Neill Cabin (when it looks like he will die) they are all joking, and drinking beer; it’s a moment for the long time fan such as my self. These characters are truly best friends, it’s nice to see.  Along with all this emotion and action they also manage to squeeze in a number scenes about a crossword, only in Stargate would this happen.

1) The fifth race

Humans could be the Fifth Race..... They bloody well let any body in these days

While Stargate is a adventure of the week show, it’s always did have a underline story; that of the gate builders, the ancient’s. Every now and then an episode would come along that would explain a little more about them and the mythology of the show (perhaps not enough). These ancient were apart of a group of the most technological advance group of aliens in the universe, the four races. Though at the present day only two of these species still were alive and kicking, the Nox’s and the Asgard.  This episode explains much about the alliance as well as the name of the forth species that was in the group; the furlings, who we find lot’s and lot’s about later on. The Asgard speak to O’Neill as a equal, it’s nice. Theses little gray aliens have been visiting humans for years and have been studding us (creepy but, their nice so i will forgive them).

O’Neill like in Lost City is dying (from the same thing (just 6 seasons apart)), the Asgard do cure him this time. There is at the end a real feel good moment for humanity as a whole is when the Asgard say that we are fast becoming the the Fifth race. I love episodes that delve in to the mythology of the show, the show has got such great back story, and this episode establishes so much of that. I know i’m not on my own in putting this as my favorite episode of Stargate SG1 ever. You may ask if we ever did become the fifth race, well why don’t you watch Stargate and find. It really is a amazing show.

That’s it for another top 5.

Guess who’s Birthday it is on Wednesday? Yup me, I expect many gifts!

Top 5 TV programs.

First up, I am really gutted that Leeds Rhinos season is over now, not much i can say about it just hope next season is better. UPDATE: It was.

Following last months post about my top 5 Sci-fi Books, I thought I would follow it up with another Top  5 this month. So this month is my favorite TV shows past and present.
But before the main list, another list of shows that just missed out on that most important of accolades, my personal top 5.

  • Fringe – A super cool Sci-fi mystery program, the reason it missed out was because there is so far only two seasons. If it keep up the standard in the next few season I could see it sneak in to the top 5.
  • Blackadder – Amazingly funny, well written and witty.
  • Firefly – Another one that came close, if there was just a few more season of it I’m sure it would have made it in. DAM YOU FOX.
  • X-files (seasons 1-5)- Yes another Sci-fi, the reason it’s season 1 to 5 is because I have yet to watch 6 to 9, but i have them on DVD so i will be watching them. A really good program, very solid and similar to Fringe.
  • Rome – Not normally in to the historical drama’s, the HBO style it makes very enjoyable, sexy and violent.
  • Family guy – Do i need to say anything?
  • Heroes – The first season was amazing, it failed to deliver after that.
  • Chuck – Comedy spy program, would recommend to anyone. Easy watching.
  • House – Love Hugh Laurie he really makes this show tick with his fantastic character. Every episode is very enjoyable.
  • True Blood – Not in to the whole twilight and vampire thing,  this show while very graphic is a great drama, another HBO hit.
  • Lie to me – Like House another show that has a British lead and a super character that makes the show.

I think that is everything but I am sure I have missed something out I have watched so many TV shows.

Right on to the list.

5) – Lost


Bad ending

Was really not sure whether to put lost in my top 5. After the ending which I don’t want to spoil for anybody, I really wanted to forget I ever watched lost. Was it that bad, yes, it was not awful by any means. Just poorly done, it was so predictable. Everybody said it would be something to do with the afterlife (sorry for the spoiler). I bet that after the first season when everybody said it was to do with the afterlife the producers shat themselves, so they say it’s not to do with that and it’s all hunky dory. They should have just kept there mouth shuts. But in fairness to Lost you can’t just judge the whole series on the ending and it was a great program, sure they made the series a little slow paced in season 2 and 3. The show had great mystery, writing, pace (after 2 and 3) and acting. That first season still rates with me as perhaps the greatest first season of any show, i suppose it could only go down from there.

4) – 24


He is so cool

Not a super smart spy but fucking cool. Jack Bauer maybe the toughest, bad ass TV character of all time.  The show builds tension like no other. Some shows might never let the hero lose, but 24 never lets the hero win sure he saves the day… some times (Lot of people will die on the way good and bad) but his life is never better for it. He normally has to go in to hiding at the end of every day because he beat the crap out of some witness or politician OR maybe he has to do some bad things to save his family.

One of the unique things about 24 is that it’s in real time 24 episodes, an hour each, all set in the same day. It’s a very clever idea.  My life got a lot less tense when they stopped making 24.

3) – Life on Mars

Life on mars

"You great... soft... sissy... girlie... nancy... french... bender... Man-United supporting POOF!"

The only English entry in to the top 5. Unlike 24 this is a very smart show. The story like Lost introduced a mystery and the ending was very similar but it was done right (Not just given 5 min at the end of 6 seasons :@).  While I was not alive in the 1970’s everybody I have spoken to that was alive during that period, does compliment how accurate it is, while sometime exaggerated. Lots of people credit the show success to Gene Hunt but i think the character of Sam Tyler is more interesting . A very enjoyable show that has given us some amazing quotes, some that I use more than I should.

2) – Farscape


Sexy in space

The most obscure show on my list. Anyone that has watched Farscape, will know that there is no other show like it. The show takes a present day human and puts him through a wormhole that takes him across to the other side of the universe where strange looking aliens live and human like aliens but they are cold blooded. You really have to watch the show to get it. It also has a great use of puppets which you expect with it being made the Jim Henson company (Muppet’s fame). A must watch for all Sci-fi fans, and even if your not a Sci-Fi I would still recommend it.

and at number 1 is ………………

1) – The Stargates


Universe Just one of the three stargate shows

I have a feeling that to my friends this is not going to be a huge surprise.
I really had to put all three stargate show in to one spot, it would not be fair on the other shows to have the top 3 spots taken up before they even started. It is a show i have watched since i was 7. The first show stargate SG1 took place after that blockbuster movie of the same name staring Kurt Russel. I am not going to go and on (Do i here cheers?) because being honest i’m a heavily biased stargate fan boy, that thinks the show can do no wrong, well it can’t. It really does have a mix of everything comedy (less so in new Stargate universe), action and hard science (more so in stargate Universe). While i am sure not everybody will like it as much as me, I am confident that if you try it you will enjoy it….. honestly.

Be sure to watch the second season of Stargate universe on SKY 1 on Tuesday Oct 5th at 8pm. You can watch the trailer for the second season in my last post.

Now a little quick life update

Looks like I am getting a cold again, most likely from being out in the cold for the Leeds match yesterday. Not been up to loads lately, anybody got any ideas for something to do? I am up for anything. Job Hunt is on going but no luck so far and again I am up for anything.

My stargate fan videos

When i was around 14/15 i made a habit of making stupid fan videos for stargate and the other night I happened to watch a few of them, so i decided to upload them on to youtube (again they got removed once for violating copyright or something). So i am gonna share a few, I did have a couple more but for some reason youtube won’t let me upload them at the moment.
So without further ado.

The first is a stargate Atlantis video using clips from just the first two seasons.

The next was a video i made when stargate SG1 was canceled, maybe i thought this video would single handedly save the show alas it failed but you can’t be to disappointed with 10 seasons.

The last one that i can show you is a bit of a random one its Leeds rhinos doing there stuff but to the stargate theme tune.

In other news Danny McGuire got the well deserved player of the year award for Leeds Rhinos. You can watch some of McGuire magic on the highlight video here http://www.therhinos.co.uk/news/14859.php