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Song of the month November 2012

Skyworld is a demonstration album by a music production company “Two steps from hell”. Being honest, I didn’t really know what demonstration album even was… but the album came recommend. So I gave it a listen, and all in all it is pretty good, it is like a soundtrack to a film… but the film doesn’t exist. So I can only assume this is a basically like an advertising pitch to film company’s. There is a few hit and miss songs on there, but I really enjoyed the first song.

Also I would like to see the film that skyworld could be the soundtrack too.

Song of the month – September 2012

I haven’t been into this band for long (less than a month) but I have to say I very much like them, I’m slowly attempting to get through their very large discography. But Of Montreal is their name, and so far what I have heard has been really great. I can’t seem to get this one song out of my head, so it is my song of the month.

Phantom of the opera (song of the month)

Last night I went to see the aforementioned musical, it is the second time I’ve seen the great show. This time I went to see the performance in my home town, as the tour version is passing through. However, the first time I was very lucky to see the show at the permanent home in New York. The UK tour version doesn’t differ too much to the main show, it just on a slightly smaller scale.

The main theme of the phantom of the opera is just exceptional, it’s so haunting and a great contrast between opera, and more modern musicals.

Well I guess it’s another song of the month……

I hesitate to call this a “Song of the month” not because it isn’t one, it clearly is but because it seems to be all I post nowadays. I’ve pretty much done next to no writing for an age, and of course that means this blog has suffered. In the last few weeks, I have gotten a new Job, so along with the lack of writing my free time has gone down the pan. But I don’t want to let this blog completley die, I do plan on writing again, I just don’t know when that will be.

Anyway I can’t seem to get this song out of my head…….

Song of the month – May 2012

To celebrate Keane scoring their 5th UK number 1 album, in a row I give to you the best song from the newest album strangeland. 

You can catch my review of the album in my last post.

Honestly, I am working on some new blogs; so hopefully this blog can get back on track (even though it seems to be getting more views in my absence, than ever before).


Song of the month March 2012

I thought I’d better get back in the blogging habit. So this month ‘song of the month’ is the newest Keane single ‘Silenced by the night’ it is a great song and a great taster of the new album that comes out at the start of May. So without further ado here it is…



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