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Metal gear rising trailer – Thoughts

My favourite game franchise is back with a new game trailer. It is not the metal gear games I grew up with however, it is different and not just because of the absence of Mr Solid Snake. The father of stealth games is going to be no longer a stealth game. The newest trailer for metal gear rising, starts very similar to trailers of past metal gear titles. A cinematic, a bit of narration giving some of the story away, but 30 seconds in you start to see that this is not the same as past games which were directed and wrote by Hideo Kojima. Metal gear has now turned into a hack and slash, and if it was not for the familiar graphics and characters (Raiden and Vamp) you would not assume this was a Metal gear gear.  1 minuet into the trailer, there is still the same epic music that is expected from the series. After the minuet mark the next striking change came, with the musical difference now guitars play out as Raiden chops soldiers with his sword.
As a long term (started to play when I was 7)  and huge metal gear fan, I’m glad that the title is being made but i’m very wary of the direction it is going in.

It is not the fact that I don’t like hack and slash games, one of my favourite games are in the Devil may cry series, and as the devloper of rising is the  made Bayonetta  and has the original creator DMC on board, so I have quite high hopes for the combat in the game. But I do wonder if a series that has always been stealth should change this drastically, in fact a hack and slash game is the complete opposite to the stealth genre. Ignoring my preconception on what this  metal gear game will be (perhaps there will be stealth elements, I hope so) there is still lots to look forward to, none more so than battle with metal gear ray, which does look awesome. I like the fact the trailer used the text from the original metal gear from the 80’s in the trailer, and I’m very glad they are not using the word ‘solid’ in the title as this game is not apart of that series. What is hard to tell from the trailer is if the game will have the epic story which are another staple of the franchise, if it does then this game could be just as good as the past, if not hopefully the gameplay will be enough to carry it.

Watch the trailer below!!