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America 2012

A few photos from my recent trip to America, we visited Washington DC, various places in Virginia; including many places from the revolutionary war, which I have found very helpful as playing Assassin’s creed 3 at the moment (educational and fun).  After that we went across the country to LA and California, in a quite Disneyland oriented leg of the trip.

A quite scary photo, taken by my mum, clearly just a trick of the eye though

Me at my first NFL game

Had a pretty good view of the action

Inside the capital building

The white house, on another presidential note… we also managed to see his motorcade; that was cool

And now we move to Virginia

Skyline drive Virginia

It is a tree, a nice tree though…

A couple of nice photos from the plane

Moving on to California

It is Pluto


A bird… we wasn’t feeding it

And then we went home…..

Me around the world

This blog is about you’re truly, so now you have to look at photos of me in different places around the world, enjoy!

Me in china

Group photo of the trip to China

A long time ago. I'm in front of the stargate ride in 6 flags. It was near San Francisco

Oh btw it’s an awful ride.

At Disney quite a while ago (with my sister). Got a bit of a belly there :S

Me (of course) on the Capilano Suspension Bridge near Vancouver.

Eating popcorn.

My dad gives a threat to kiss me in time square.

At leeds bus station.

And a photo of my dog buster for good measure