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Top 5 comedy shows

Another top 5 for this month, a slight bit early than usual for the fact i will be taking a city break in Rome.
The topic for this month is comedy shows, there has been loads of great shows that have made me laugh over the years from both England and the US.

5) Extras

"Are you havin a laugh?"

Funny and Les Dennis

4) The office an american workplace

It's all serious at the office

Really Funny and dumb

3) Peep Show

I don't look like Mark!

Smart and funny

2) Frasier


Slightly smarter and has Niles facial expressions in them

1) Blackadder


Silly contains the best of British comedy in it, funny, very funny and even that one time in WW1 sad. In a time before Johnny English for Rowan Atkinson.

What do you think……

People say that I look like David Mitchell, so what do you think?

To be honest I can’t see the resemblance.

Tomorrow is a day I have been looking forward to for a long time, stargate universe season 2 starts in the UK at 9pm on Sky1, please, please watch it you won’t be disappoint. I will be watching it at my friends house as we are having a bit of SGU marathon beforehand, can’t wait.