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Good week, bad week, very bad week

Swings and roundabouts, it’s the story of everybody life. This week has been a perfect example of that. Some good news, some bad news and then some very bad news.

I always start with the good news, so let’s start with that shall we;

Leeds rhinos won, always a good thing. After two poor games against the Quins and the Wolves. The Rhinos came back in style with a 46-12 win over Salford.

A opportunity may have presented it self, let’s say I may be on the radio soon. On a crap non paid role……….. but still.

Yesterday I went to see the punk or kinda punk band the stranglers (been going since the 70’s). They were very good, other than the fact that two of the original members looked close to death. Also many older punks were acting like dicks but that is to be expected at any gig.

So now on to the bad news.

The Japan earthquake and tsunami, awful! And still with an ongoing threat with the nuclear power plant, i’m sure Japan needs some strong support from around the world.  It’s a place I have always wanted to visit and still do it’s very sad to see it happening. Nature is giving us constant reminders just how powerful she is. It’s just scary how some people still don’t respect her. It may be that I read to many apocalyptic books, but i just feel that we can’t carry on the path we are on for much longer, before we are forced to change and fast. Something that will cost many life’s along the way.

But all this has pale in comparison to some news that I got this week.
My best friend, who is amazing and beautiful. My dog Buster has sadly being diagnosed with cancer, now next Wednesday he has to have an invasive operation; which involve removing part of his jaw. The vet say’s it will still likely spread though. Maybe not but “likely”. I love my dog, he is only 12, I feel it’s too young for him to have gotten cancer. It may sound stupid, I know you can get it at any time but it’s what I thought. I’m holding out hope. I love him so much.

Some may criticize me for putting such a personal thing above the life’s of so many humans, but i’m sure many people with pet’s that they love like a family member would feel the same.

I will end tonight’s blog with a few photos of my cute little dog.


A nuclear blog

“Peter Sellers as 3 diffrent characters you could say he was the Eddie Murphy of his day”

Last night I watched the Stanley Kubrick classic Dr. Stranglove or the full title Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. It was the first time I watched the dark comedy about nuclear war and the cold war. Staring Peter Sellers as 3 diffrent characters you could say he was the Eddie Murphy of his day.

Dr Stranglove

A promotional poster for the film.

The subject of nuclear weapons, the destruction that they can cause has always been something that has been in my mind from an early age. As has the nuclear deterrence theory. I would guess this was due to me playing the very anti nuclear weapon video game Metal Gear Solid when I was 7 (bad parents). God i really love that game, I am sure i will talk about it more in a later post.

The film was definitely not a laugh out loud film, in fact for most of the film I was filled with a dread at what nuclear weapons could do the world, I got a feeling at the pit of my stomach, of a deep fear, something which I normally reserve for large spiders and the thought of been abducted by aliens. It’s honestly a real fear i have, I am sure there will be a phobia word for it. God help me if i was alive during the cold war, I doubt i could have never slept at night. The premise of the film is that a mad General decides to take first action against the Russians, he does this by launching his bombers to attack Russia, without the President permission using a loop hole called “plan attack R”. The General thought that by doing this it would force the President in to launching the rest of Americas nuclear weapons before the Russian retaliate. Lots more happen including an unmanned nuclear doomsday weapon that would wipe out all life on earth. This was clearly part the inspiration for Metal gear solid which follows a similar story thread in the game PeaceWalker (which incidentally (more intentionally)includes a character called Dr. Stranglove).
The nuclear deterrence theory is basically like two men holding a knife to the other ones throat, both men could kill each other and if you attacked first you may even have a chance of killing the man before he could attack, you but there was still a very good chance he would react and kill you. So you both stand there knowing the other man could kill you, keeping the weapon in hand.
An unmanned weapon is one hell of a scary thought, something that would take human element out of the deterrence theory, which I suppose is the one week link in it. I very much doubt I would be able to push a button that would destroy the world. But if a machine was in in controlled then there would be no doubt  they would destroyed you if you took action. Even though we are not in the grip of the cold war and the threat of nuclear war has wavered slightly, it is still there. Now the places that I feel would still have the balls or are just that crazy enough to use them have them like N Korea.

Shit i am not going to get sleep tonight am I.

I hope to god that we don’t renew trident the money could be spent in a lot more productive way. Oh and i would recommend that you watch Dr. Stranglove.