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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection LE review

It is hard to write a review on the MGS HD collection, it is 3 (5  if you count the original metal gear 1 & 2) games, each brilliant in their own right. Games age badly and unlike films or TV a 11 years is a hell of a long of time. With games having evolved hugely in that short of time. The MGS HD collection contains games that was originally released in 2001, 2004 and 2010 respectively.  But still with a bit polishing and the game unscaled for HD TV’s the games play really well on ps3 and in 2012.

The metal gear solid HD collection has taken it sweet time in getting released in the UK, waiting almost 4 extra month than when it was released in America, but as you will find out in this review, it was well worth the wait.

Metal Gear Solid 2 – Sons of Liberty

MGS 2 is notorious for a convoluted but epic story line. The players starts off as solid snake the hero of MGS 1 in an opening chapter set aboard tanker, but in one twist the game took an odd turn, to the anger of many fans. In the next section you play the rookie foxhound agent Raiden, who is somewhat less bad ass than solid. But if people looked past the floppy white hair of Raiden, there is a great game, there is depth to this game that rivals even games released now, 11 years later. I really enjoyed replying the game that still feels fresh all this time on.

This HD edition simply polishes the game adding increased texture quality, it also stops the letterbox style view which you would get if you played the ps2 version on a HD TV and did not want up scale and blur the game.

Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater

MGS 3 to many fans including me is the best game out there. When it first came out it was a revelation, if MGS 2 had  depth to rival games now MGS 3 would still blow most games out of the water when it came to depth. This time the players takes control of the legendary solider big boss. In an epic tale (that makes more sense time) the game is set in a jungle environment in which the player must not only sneak but survive.

The HD edition does pretty much the same as what MGS 2 does upgrades the textures makes everything look as nice as it possibly could using the existing game.

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Set in 1974 in south America, the game follows Big Boss again. But now he had his own mercenary army. It is unlike any past metal gear games. Mission are now done in bite size chunks rather than a continuous mission, the game contains hundreds of side mission not related to the main story and you can literately play this game for a hundreds of hours. It is a great game, the original only had one major flaw it was on the psp. The psp control system is like playing twister with your fingers sometimes, so news that the game would be out on PS3 was very welcome.

The HD edition of Peace Walker is the most drastically change game of the 3 from their originals. Polished as much as a game could be polished. While it has the worst graphics of the 3 games it still looks well on the ps3.  It manages to stretch the game from the small psp screen size to a large HD TV size and look none the worse for wear. Must notable is a complete change in the control system which makes the game easier to play, also rumble support.


The HD collections contains many extras which were only available on the updated version (substance and subsistence) of the game, these include;

MGS2 contains 300 VR training mission, 200 alternative mission, along with Boss survival mode and snake tales (5 unique story’s staring snake).
And MGS 3 contains the original Metal Gear game and Metal Gear 2 game.

Sadly there is no skateboarding snake or ape escape mode.

Limited edition Package 

Exclusive to http://www.zavvi.com/the UK got an limited edition which I bought, which for an extra £40 you get a T-shirt, exclusive steal book game case, and art book. You don’t get a choice T-shirt size, it seems to fit me okay, but if you are a bit chubby size it might be a bit tight. The steal book looks great and art book is a beautiful Coffey table type book that looks great. I’d only recommend buying the limited edition if you are big metal gear solid fan.

Price £70.


If you are only buying the regular version the whole package will cost £30, it is great value collection. It only contains some of the cream of the crop of the very large metal gear series, but it is great for new fans and old alike. The only down side is that it does not contain MGS1/twin snakes HD, I would gladly pay an extra £10 or more for this to have been included.
This collection contains 2, 9/10 games and 1 10/10 game (MGS3, but since they are all on the same disc at cheep price and the games look better than ever. So the score has to be…..