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Stargate Universe – Malice

It has been a while since I have blogged about my favorite topic – Stargate. Yesterday was the 8th episode of the second season of the 3rd spin off in the stargate TV franchise based on the 1994 movie  (and breath). While the rating have not been the best the second season so far, it has been one of the strongest of the entire franchise. Episode such as intervention, Awakening, Trial and Error and now Malice have being up there in my favorite episode of the show maybe even of the franchise (Over 350 episode and 3 films).

Now on to the episode. It struck me early on, even way before the episode even aired that this would be an interesting one. It was being written and directed by long time stargate writer Robert C Cooper; who has now left the show after 13 years. The episode was apparently inspired by the John Wayne so called classic “The searchers” a film i have seen a couple of times. An Indian drum beats acted as the musical theme for the fast passed start to the episode. This music from the start was clearly a statement that the episode would be a western, with that Sci-Fi twist. The story of the episode has been building up for a long time, much like the suicide of the lovely balled man “Spencer” from the first season. This time it was Robert Knepper (better know as T-bag from prison brake) who plays the Lucian Alliance prisoner Simeon. Since the start of the second season Simeon has there lurking in the background causing a little trouble here and there, he has those little looks at the other character, he was just plain creepy. He finally in the last episode snapped and killed not only Ginn (Eli Girlfriend) a fellow lucian Alliance member, because he was afraid that she would rat he out, as he knew crucial information about the an attack on earth. Ginn also contained Dr Rush long time friend and now lover Dr Perry who was then inhabiting Ginn body (very Sci-fi) so there was two people that Simmon had pissed off.

Crazy mofo Robert Knepper

Before they can get to Simeon, he managed to get through the Stargate to a desert planet. He was quickly followed by a very angry Dr Rush.

Rush on the Hunt

Rush was wanted to go fuck Simeon up, the problem however is that he knew  information that is crucial to earth. That’s all i’m saying about the plot because I want you to go watch it your self. It’s an amazing episode of an amazing show.
The Western style of this episode made it really fresh (much like what the episode Vegas did for SGA) and with the past few episode being set almost all on the ship it was nice to see another location, as well as the use of the stargate it self. The searchers inspiration was very clear throughout with Rush on a mad hunt for Simeon. Great Stargate and Great TV as a whole this episode. I have watch so much TV in my short life that’s it’s rare that I will feel my heart beating in a tense rush(no pun intended), but in that first 15 min’s it did not slow down and soon warmed my body up in the cold night’s we have being having.

I end with this link it’s a great website that’s aim it to keep SGU running as long as possible by getting those rating up before it’s too late- http://www.sguawareness.com/