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A 2011 interview with me

Since I know no one interesting or famous enough (not that they would agree to do one either) to warrant an interview. So like the arrogant fucker I am, I thought i’d put my 2011 memories in the form of an interview.

1) Best place you visited?
In between my large period of being a hermit writer, I have managed to see some very nice places, I went to London twice. I saw Wembley stadium for the second time but this time with my team leeds rhinos playing. But the best place has to be when I spent the week in Rome, a place I have always wanted to visit. We spent a exhausting 5 days making sure we saw all the sites.

See more of my photos of Rome from my 5 days there here (https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/extras-rome-photos/)

2. Best book you read?
According my goodsreads account, I read 25 new book last year (plus 2 re reads of books). Not a huge amount, but I managed to fit in a number very good books in there. I managed to finally read all 3 of the Lord of the rings books. The new John Scalzi novel Fuzzy Nation was a great book, I read the 4th dune book. Other book I really enjoyed was flashfoward and the forever series of books.  I read number of other sci-fi, post apocalyptic, fantasy and the odd thriller book in the year. But my favourite would probably have to be Neil Gaiman American Gods, different to anything else I read this year and it is partly the inspiration for the story (more credit should be given to lord of light however) I am currently writing.

3. Best film?
For me it has been a pretty poor year for films, and I would have really struggled coming up with my best film year before last week. I ordered Rise of the planet of apes on sky box office. I really enjoyed the prequel/remake, perhaps I have seen a better a film, but I really can’t think of any off the top of my head.

4. Best TV show?
There has been a few contender’s for this, starting with the last ever episodes of Stargate Universe and in turn the Stargate franchise. However, that is tinged with so much sadness I can’t put it as my best TV show of last year. Walking Dead season 2 (part 1) also aired which carried on from an excellent first series. There was Game of thrones which pretty amazing and the Borgias which I enjoyed as well. The show I enjoyed the most would be the first series of Sherlock, the second series just recently started and it reminded me just how good the show is, and how great those first episode were.

5. Best Game?
Mass effects 2 (see http://wp.me/psL0a-jo)

6. Best Album?
Another thing that I really haven’t kept up with all that much. I got the new Foo Fighters album, along with the long awaited (for me) new Kaiser Chiefs album which I thought was great. However, I found a new group that I really like The Dresden Dolls, and while none of their albums were released this year. I found all their albums were available on the website, for a pay-what-you-like price. So I manage to get 3 albums and a live album for a cheekily cheap sum. The songs have been played over and over again on my I pod and computer so one of their album would probably be the best.

7. Best Moment?
Without a doubt seeing Leeds Rhinos win their 5th grand final in 8 years, from the fifth position.Which was the lowest ever position for a team to win it from, they shocked almost everyone (including me) by winning it, and showed the world that they are true team of champions. I have been lucky enough to see all 5 of those grand finals they won, in them I have seen some magnificent tries. But the two tries that Rob Burrow scored and made were pretty amazing, and will stick in my memory for a long time to come, like the Scot Donald try in 2007.

Best moment

8. Best Gig?
I’ve seen a few good bands this year, Hurts in February was amazing and so was seeing Muse for the second time at Leeds Festival. Though the best gig I went to was seeing Arcade fire for the second time too. They are a interesting band to watch, because they are so many of them. Your eyes move all around, not being sure what to look at next. I give credit to my sister for getting me into them, they have a unique style. And they put on great show.

9. Most important thing that happen you in 2011?
I guess having an almost full time job, while it was only for a little over 6 months, it was an interesting experience living life of almost full time working. It was not my ideal job, and not at all stimulating, but then again I did say I got the experience of a full time job, so what did I expect? Hopefully, a new job will rear its head soon in 2012.

10. What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
Quite a few things, there might be a holiday to American in the making which would be very, very good. I will be going to Italy to see my sister, who is now living there for next 6 months. But most of all I look forward to reading plenty more books, playing more games and getting a lot more writing done this year, a lot more than I did last year. Oh and the new Keane album and tour!


Put me in a book store….

I simply don’t pay for books, of all the book’s i have ever read only a handful of books that i actually owned. A library is pretty amazing place, it’s one of the only place where you can get stuff you want for free*, with the online service it is very easy to get most books you want. Now that borders have closed there are very few large book stores around, so when i was in London yesterday and i was confronted with Europe largest book store, i made the choice to buy a few books from the Sci-Fi and fantasy section.

The collection i bought,

I know 6 books is not a massive amount; but i had to lug this collection all about London and some of the books happens to be quite chunky, with one books being 3 books in one. Many of the books are part of a series i’m already quite familial with;

  • Two lord of the rings books are there as i mentioned in my previous blog, i had read the first book and i was planing to read the next two.
  • Heretics of Dune i have read the previous 4 books in the dune series, which i believe is best Sci-fi  series out their. And i’m looking forward to reading this book.
  • The forever omnibus, i have read forever war but this book cotains the original (i got it from a library) and the two other books in the series, which i have been planing to read for a while.

The other two American Gods, and Seeds of the earth are both books i have heard of, seen some good reviews of and they have been recommended to me. On the train home i read the first 70 odd pages of American Gods and so far it is VERY good.

*For a limited time

Fellowship of the ring….

As a avid book reader, it has surprised even me that it has as taken me this long to read any of the lord of the rings, which happens to be my favorite movie trilogy. So i got the book out of my local library (which will probably end up being closed soon) to have a little gander at the book. I have now read the first volume (well it was actually last week; but never mind) and i can kinda see what all the fuss was about now.

Having watched the movies many a times, it was nice to see parts of the book, that never actually made it in the film. I enjoyed these little bits the most, and i was surprised how much of this very large book did in fact make it in to the film. There was one big surprise in the book for me, which was the age of main character; i assumed wrongly that he would be same age as in the film, but in fact he is much older and there was a longer time lap’s at the start of the book. I’m not going to lie and i say it’s the best book i have ever read, maybe not knowing the plot before hand could have made the difference, but the fact is i have read better books. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy as it is still a great book,  it is probably a little unfair of me to give an my impression of a book that is clearly meant to be read in all 3 parts. So once i own the next 2 volumes, i shall read them and i will give some more detailed views on the series as a whole.

I’m off to London tomorrow, so if all is well with the riots, i may visit a book store and buy the trilogy. Also off to see Shrek the musical; i’m so cultured you see.

Top 5 movies (adaptation)

It’s the end of the month’s and you know what that means, my top 5 list. I have decided to do this at the end of each month. There is only so many top 5 list I could do (not strictly true but there is only so many general list)so I’m going to do more specific top 5 list’s much like my first list which was just sci-fi books. So this month it’s movies, but only remakes of older movies and adaptation’s of books, comics, games (sadly non of those) and other material! Not all of these have I seen or read the source version but i know it was based on something and that they are bloody good films.

5: Jurassic Park

Hey you guys!

The book is on my to read pile, so I can’t compare it with the book, however as movie on it’s own merits it’s very enjoyable. Honestly (would i lie) I can’t think of one other movie is this good and has dinosaurs, I mean dinosaurs are cool because they just eat you no reasoning with a t-rex. I mean why the hell did evolution decide to turn them in to chickens!

4: Shawshank Redemption

Who should have been in the film!

Personally I feel it would have been a better film with these to actors in it! Based on the Stephen king short story Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Again I have not read the original material, it really is a damn good film. “Well made” is how I would describes it, while it is not what I would class as a classic on paper, it might be seen as a little slow. However when watching it you go in to that timeless zone that people go to when they are enjoying a film, something that does change after countless viewings
Where did Tim’s Robbins go after this film I have not seen in any thing after this, tell a lie I did see him in Zathura (I want to forget that, I’m sure he does too).

3: Watchmen

"on the watchtower"

For this one I can compare the film to the great graphic novel (a comic book). It is a great film, I do know some people think other wise, but their wrong. The setting, the music, the action and the story are all perfect in this film. Maybe it goes on too long and it’s a strange at times, then again the comic book is also very strange at times. It’s stays very true to source material, other than the end. Personally I liked fake interdemensional aliens more.

Time for a brake form the list for the worst movie adaptation of all of time!


Such a Gay film

Oh David lynch how did you take my favourite book and turn it in to a mess of poor nonsensical narration and strange homosexual themes. This film is infamous for have Sting in a stupid thong thing (see above). I like it when a film can go away from the original material, but you need to still stay true the essences or if not you better be a great film, but in this film instead of changing an idea to another idea. They keep the idea, do it another worse way which makes the films complex story make no sense There is to much narration in this film; narration to my mind has always been a poor and lazy way of moving the story along without actually showing it. I HATE THIS FILM :( it had so much potential. One good thing about it is that the special effects they are still quite cool.

2: Serenity

I actually love her :P

Based on the short lived TV show firefly (see: https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/top-5-tv-programs/) it apparently is what season 2 would have been, I really wish i could have seen it in a series because a lot of stuff happens in this film.  It has a lot of surprise along the way, i’m sure Joss Whedon would not have chosen all the story to have been in film form. It does still do it’s job by creating a semi satisfying and entertaining ending (well somewhat) to the story which had built up in 14 episodes.  How hot is Summer Glau, I have a such a large crush on her, hell don’t all male nerds have one?

1: Lord Of the Rings

I’m sure I don’t need to say much about this. Best movie trilogy , I think so! It top my list as i’m sure it will top lot of other list’s. A real epic of a film.

I did say i was not going to say much about it.


Going out round wakefield (watch coppers) tonight for my friends 19th, looking forward to it :)

SNOW SNOW you cancelled my driving lesson
But you made the ground all pretty
But then people steeped on you
And you became a sludge
That i will slip and fall on
When i’m pissed