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9 punishments in internet hell

In internet hell all those idiots that make your browsing experiences worse will get the punishment, in their own hell.

9. Every week just as you get used Facebook it makes a major change – For people who don’t use apostrophe’s.

8. Being stuck with dial up internet – People who use speak like this “any1 doin owt am well bored” and people that use  ♥ symbol.

7. Unable to download movies, music, games for free illegally on the internet – People that do that.

6. You tube had region locks all it’s video in your country, and no proxy won’t work – The millions of so called photographers on internet.

5. PSN or whatever console  you play network goes down for ever – Campers, people  that wine through headset, and  laggers; you know the sort.

4. Stuck with an outdated flash player – Spammer, and Grammar and spelling Nazi.

3. No search engines, you will have to know the URL address of every page you visit. – Bieber fans, one direction fans that got them to number 1 fans and other of the sort.. I feel these people will be able to cope less, without having a search engine than anyone else.

2. Every person you talk to on the internet is a troll – Trolls them self’s shall be stuck in their own world with more annoying people

1. Internet time out  for ever –  People that design virus, hack things; generally people that make the internet a worse and unsafe place for all.

Special Hell. Real Hell – For child molesters and other sick perverts.