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A 2011 interview with me

Since I know no one interesting or famous enough (not that they would agree to do one either) to warrant an interview. So like the arrogant fucker I am, I thought i’d put my 2011 memories in the form of an interview.

1) Best place you visited?
In between my large period of being a hermit writer, I have managed to see some very nice places, I went to London twice. I saw Wembley stadium for the second time but this time with my team leeds rhinos playing. But the best place has to be when I spent the week in Rome, a place I have always wanted to visit. We spent a exhausting 5 days making sure we saw all the sites.

See more of my photos of Rome from my 5 days there here (https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/extras-rome-photos/)

2. Best book you read?
According my goodsreads account, I read 25 new book last year (plus 2 re reads of books). Not a huge amount, but I managed to fit in a number very good books in there. I managed to finally read all 3 of the Lord of the rings books. The new John Scalzi novel Fuzzy Nation was a great book, I read the 4th dune book. Other book I really enjoyed was flashfoward and the forever series of books.  I read number of other sci-fi, post apocalyptic, fantasy and the odd thriller book in the year. But my favourite would probably have to be Neil Gaiman American Gods, different to anything else I read this year and it is partly the inspiration for the story (more credit should be given to lord of light however) I am currently writing.

3. Best film?
For me it has been a pretty poor year for films, and I would have really struggled coming up with my best film year before last week. I ordered Rise of the planet of apes on sky box office. I really enjoyed the prequel/remake, perhaps I have seen a better a film, but I really can’t think of any off the top of my head.

4. Best TV show?
There has been a few contender’s for this, starting with the last ever episodes of Stargate Universe and in turn the Stargate franchise. However, that is tinged with so much sadness I can’t put it as my best TV show of last year. Walking Dead season 2 (part 1) also aired which carried on from an excellent first series. There was Game of thrones which pretty amazing and the Borgias which I enjoyed as well. The show I enjoyed the most would be the first series of Sherlock, the second series just recently started and it reminded me just how good the show is, and how great those first episode were.

5. Best Game?
Mass effects 2 (see http://wp.me/psL0a-jo)

6. Best Album?
Another thing that I really haven’t kept up with all that much. I got the new Foo Fighters album, along with the long awaited (for me) new Kaiser Chiefs album which I thought was great. However, I found a new group that I really like The Dresden Dolls, and while none of their albums were released this year. I found all their albums were available on the website, for a pay-what-you-like price. So I manage to get 3 albums and a live album for a cheekily cheap sum. The songs have been played over and over again on my I pod and computer so one of their album would probably be the best.

7. Best Moment?
Without a doubt seeing Leeds Rhinos win their 5th grand final in 8 years, from the fifth position.Which was the lowest ever position for a team to win it from, they shocked almost everyone (including me) by winning it, and showed the world that they are true team of champions. I have been lucky enough to see all 5 of those grand finals they won, in them I have seen some magnificent tries. But the two tries that Rob Burrow scored and made were pretty amazing, and will stick in my memory for a long time to come, like the Scot Donald try in 2007.

Best moment

8. Best Gig?
I’ve seen a few good bands this year, Hurts in February was amazing and so was seeing Muse for the second time at Leeds Festival. Though the best gig I went to was seeing Arcade fire for the second time too. They are a interesting band to watch, because they are so many of them. Your eyes move all around, not being sure what to look at next. I give credit to my sister for getting me into them, they have a unique style. And they put on great show.

9. Most important thing that happen you in 2011?
I guess having an almost full time job, while it was only for a little over 6 months, it was an interesting experience living life of almost full time working. It was not my ideal job, and not at all stimulating, but then again I did say I got the experience of a full time job, so what did I expect? Hopefully, a new job will rear its head soon in 2012.

10. What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
Quite a few things, there might be a holiday to American in the making which would be very, very good. I will be going to Italy to see my sister, who is now living there for next 6 months. But most of all I look forward to reading plenty more books, playing more games and getting a lot more writing done this year, a lot more than I did last year. Oh and the new Keane album and tour!


Top 5 live bands (that i have seen)

Bit of gap between post, sorry about that. Now though back to my regular monthly feature; my top 5.

I have seen quite a few bands in my short life, granted many of these have been at festivals but not all. It was pretty easy to narrow the best live bands because in short there was 3 bands that blew me away. I knew my number one straight off the bat. So without further ado here is my top 5. Again this is my top 5 live bands not top 5 bands although two of theses would be in my top 5 bands. I ramble on a lot don’t I.

5. Hurts (o2 academy leeds 2011)

I went to see this new little pop duo earlier this month, I did a  little blog about it https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/not-being-able-to-think/. The live set consisted of most of the songs from the their first album, which I had listen to many many times. They came on in chilling fashion .  Fog machines and unnerving walk on music. The singer Theo (to the left on the photo) wore a jacket that reminded me of the coat that sharp wore (you know the TV series staring Sean Bean). The keyboardist had white piano, with roses on top; they threw them to crowd at times.. The whole  style of the gig was great and music good as-well. They left a huge impression on me. I can’t wait till they tour the UK again, the wait truly hurts me (sorry).

4. Pulled apart by horse (the hop wakefield 2010)

You could not have a more different band to the one above. You may remember me also bloging about them last year  https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/pulled-apart-by-horses/ (linky). No walk on music just hardcore music (I sound a twat but it’s hard to describe a band that is so raw). Raw is how to describe them, a powerful voice leads them and some great sounds comes from them. They all seem to have great style and I can see them becoming very big. It was not the first time I saw them I actually caught them a month earlier when they was one of the support to muse. Maybe it was the smaller more in-your-face venue but they were so much more better here. I was steaming when I got outside after the gig, I felt like I swallowed more of other peoples sweat than I had sweated my self (can only be a good sign).

3. Arcade Fire (Leeds festival 2010)

I was not yawning at their gig

The best band of a very mediocre leeds festival in 2010. When 90% of the population of a festival are dicks, it’s frustrating, you need some calm music some times. More than anything you need a little of time to chill after being at very loud gigs all day. No better band than Arcade fire.  They are amazing live, and it was nice relax atmosphere, all the dicks somewhere else. Outside it was cold, very cold. They have a nice little style on stage that makes them more visual than a lot of acts, there are so many people on stage you don’t know where to look. I soon forgot about the cold, it was a much need respite from the festival atmosphere. I have tickets to see them in again in Manchester later this year, I can’t wait to see them; this time with a more clear head.

2. Muse (Old trafford cricket ground 2010)

When you talk about a spectacle when you see a band, you won’t get one much bigger than seeing Muse. They do put on a show. They decided to a few, one off gigs around the UK, I missed out on their last tour, so I was not going to miss out on this one. The gig which was played at the Manchester cricket ground, it had a real festival like atmosphere (I know I complained about that before but it’s a nice atmosphere for a while). Once you walked in to the stadium you knew it was to be big, as a quick look of the stage showed, it loomed over the audience, it was a strange almost unnatural, a sharp shape. Editors and more was in support they set the mood or so i thought. It started off big. Music started to play, a eyeball above the stage peered at the audience below like some kinda of big brother figure. Then flag wielding man and women in balaclavas took to the stage and around the stage, it was an uprising, and so was the first song. They played all the song you would expect them to play, it really was a visual and musical spectacular event. A real space rock show I would say. I must see them again, they really were amazing.

1. Kaiser Chiefs (Leeds festival 2009)

It was my 3rd time seeing the leeds band. I know from experience how great they are  live. It was the first time I had seen them play in their home town. It was something very special. I managed to move to the front of the main stage. People may criticize their sound, I know many do, but their stage presence. They are lead by the great and lively Ricky Wilson, he makes them the best live band out there (only going on bands I have seen). You won’t  get someone who put’s more effort in to a gig than are old Ricky. The only downside to this show was that there was no trade mark stage climb (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bPbVRCuFtI). I love their music. It makes me want to sing and I don’t do that very well or often. I was packed in like a tuna chunk in the tin. Unable to move (but of course), but being moved by the 1000’s people around me making an effort to jump or to at least try. With any luck their 4th album will be out soon and they will start touring again soon (this is the last gig they played (they have one planned though)).

That the list then, hopefully another band soon will make it’s way on here soon though.

Other news of note
Not much really, Job is going fine, not enough time to write but I expected that.
The rhinos are doing well 2 wins from 2 andIi have tickets to see them play the first live game of the season this Friday against Quins.
The big new for the rhinos is that the legend that is Kevin Sinfield, has sign a new 4 year deal, that will keep at the club his whole career at leeds, he came to leeds when he was just 13; a true legend and a gent.

Thats all for now, have a good weekend…….

Not being able to think

I once read that if you struggle to write, then you write about not being able to write and then before you know it you are writing again. Who da thunk it. Now I have a topic, i’m now able to write again!

My new job started this week, it’s gone good so far.It’s just been a busy and strange week. So this means I have not had all that much time do what I love, writing. I did start a new short story last week but not made any progress since last Monday. I had hoped that this weekend; would be one of lot’s and lot’s of writing. However then I remembered that it is the rugby league, millennium magic weekend (so 7 matches in two days).  Not all that much writing getting done then :(  but at least i can watch some proper sport, cricket was good for a while and american football is fun but it is just was not cutting it for me any more. I need to get some writing done  soon though.

One more thing; last weekend, Sunday. I went to see the band hurts (you remember me saying so),  they were amazing. They are fast becoming one of my favourite bands. I would also guess that they would be in my top 5 live bands (maybe watch out for something like that at the end of the month). They played a few song I have never heard before, looked up these songs up on the internet and I learned they were the B-sides to the singles. Two of theses have become my favorite hurts songs.
The first mother nature. It is a hunting song, that is very catchy

The next one is the song that they named their album after or maybe visa-versa or maybe it’s just a strange coincidence. I do find it strange that this song is not on the album though. Happiness a catchy song, with a slight epic quality to it.

Thats all for now. Might get another post in before the end of the week.

How you found my blog!

Over the last half a year there have been a few search terms that made me raise an eye brow (or two).

Lets have a look at some of these search terms that found my blog shall we.

Some such as
“The forever war” are quite easy to understand how it found my blog. A large 86 people found my blog this way.
Many go in the vain of this, lot of my top 5 https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/category/top-5/ will generate a lot search hits.

Some may be a little more strange though; such as
“eddie murphy i can smell it” very strange; two people search that nice little term.
Or maybe
“testimony of rocker who got made a deal with satan digging his hands in the dirt for a career in music then got saved”
which also had two views.

Another which had me slightly worried was the “chinese teanager groups” okay I could say how that might look a little paedophile like, but I won’t and just say thanks to whoever viewed my blog.
“biffy trousers” is another strange one.

And i think all us lads can agree on this one guys “girlfriend cries gets upset 6 months”  damn them they take a-hell of a long time to get over things.

“gay sting”  or “Sting Gay” are other search term i can understand after this photo i posted a little while back.

Such a Gay film

“dad’s” + “leave a comment” this one makes does not really make much sense. “evil gas mask man” is a good one.

What about “here come i my name is joell thers no knowledge but i know it” clearly not true at all and bad spelling to boot.

There is a few other strange ones. But they are some which are down right crazy. Which makes me question the content I put on this blog if people search for these term and it finds me.
“mature lesbo fistin” Wow just wow!

That is not it though this next term has found me 5 times and i’m sure that will be increased as i have posted it on here.
“bondage gay pissing” lovely just lovely.

I will leave you with this little gem
“why does my butt sweat when i get horny”

Other news of note

Tomorrow i go to see one of my new favourites bands, Hurts. I can’t wait!
Then the day after that I start my new Job it’s make me feel and think, nervous, excited and that  I want money.

Pulled apart by horses

Saturday I went to the wakefield venue “The hop” (linky http://www.thehop-wakefield.co.uk/) to see the leeds rock band “Pulled apart by horses” (linky http://www.pulledapartbyhorses.com).
Have a listen to one of their songs

Lovey, yes? Lovely is not the right word for them, but good, yes?

It was a great gig and one of the first bands I have seen since Leeds fest (other than two bands that my friends are in and going to see muse) and it showed, my ears are still recovering from last night. Maybe the ear situation is because for a brake in the mania of the gig, I decided to get out of the way of people by standing next to the speaker, not the wisest choice. I have to say in the small room that is the hop I did get kinda of sweaty with the closeness of people and the jumping about, but so did everyone else. Yeah also I have a few bruises, I loved it though. It’s not the first time I have seen them I got to see them from a distance at leeds festival and I watched their full set when they were one of the supports for muse. They are great band that I could see making quite far (in that old music business), at least well enough to make money, at least for a while. I hope to see them again, maybe next time they will be at a bigger venue, it would not surprise me.

I have also purchased a ticket to see the synthpop(?) band hurts at the leeds academy, I really can’t wait to see them, I can’t stop listing to them at the moment.

The Times They Are a-Changin – Except they are not!

This post is for no one in particular, I just want to get some thoughts out of my head and what better place to do that than a public place such as a blog. I’m 18 I have completed college and I’m quite happy with my grades (A.B.C). This is a time in my life that things should be changing. Lots of friends are now in university, some are working, some are back doing another year of college and then there are a few like me that can’t find a job (a couple that won’t) and our not at Uni. One thing about myself some people may or not know is that I’m I can be OK doing stuff… but it’s when there is a wait before doing that thing, that is when it affects me. That time before you do something, now in that time everything that is bad that could in fact happen while I go out, will shift through my mind, I could be guilty of letting that worrying stop me from going out, there is times. Right now my whole life is in one of the waiting periods. I don’t even know IF I want to go to university, let alone what course I want to do. I have not had a full time job so I’m not sure what that is like, so I worry about that and I’m not sure when I will get one. so it is another thing i’m waiting for that to happen. I would have thought or I would had hope by now I would have had a girlfriend to. At this moment I’m doing the same things as I was a year ago, seeing the same old friends (who are great), wanting that same old girl (who might not be that great) but nothing is happening. You could say that I’m having a midlife crisis at 18! Only a joke but seriously I feel like I’m in a rut something needs to change quick! I have way too much time on my hands and if it was not for the fact that I can write (which gives me some purpose in my limbo) I may have gone a little mad (if not already). I want to take advantage of all this time I have because, I’m sure once I get a full time a job I’m sure i will be complaining about that. So all I can do is my writing and write is what I will do!  I have been thinking about this too much laid in bed, looking at what other people are doing and being envious of them. Ahhhh whatever, it just piss me off. I have no direction just lots of dreams.  I could put more but I know I will just go round in circles because that what I do in my mind.

Have to say that this song seems to fits my feeling a lot at the moment.

I have the Pulled apart by horses gig this Saturday so i am looking forward to that so Woo.