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Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 19 and 20

Well it’s over, the last two episode of Stargate universe has aired. I know I sound like a broken record, but don’t worry it’s over now…… well at least until this blog is over.

Blockade 2-19

Part one of the so called drone double episode. As the title so correctly shows, their is a blockade, the evil mysterious drones have taken place at in front of the power giving stars in destiny path. With power dwindling down and not many options the crew becomes desperate, Eli comes up with a lonely plan though. Using the wrong kinda star to power up destiny’s batteries. The star will heat up the ship to a level in which any body on board (without special the suits (of which there is only 3)) would die. So they of course use the Stargate to gate a planet while the ship charges up. It is an action pack episode, with both ground and space battles with the drones. It was nice to see another planet and the gate get used, as it only briefly used in the next episode

Gauntlet 2-20

Watching this episode in the knowledge that not everything would be resolved was best thing I could have done. In a surprisingly satisfying ending. Everything is left open; as i thought, it still ended in an emotional soothing journey. It was sad, uplifting and a slightly bit mad. Rush was confirmed as the crazy uncle, as they discussed the crew being a family. That was a nice moment, moments like that were common in SG1 and Atlantis and it was nice to it SGU after a year and half of crew squabbles.

So that it, it’s over kaput, gone to the big network in they sky. It’s an ex show, that will only be seen in syndication and in my Blu ray player. I’m sad not only for the end show, but the end of the franchise.  That is it for now, for Stargate and all these Stargate related blogs, well at least for a bit.

Stargate Universe – Season 2 Episodes 11-14

Their not many episodes left where i can give my thought on new Stargate episodes, so i’m doing them all.

Now for the first 4 episode of the 2.5 season.

Deliverance 2-11 

A great shot of Matthew and Chloe

The first episode back after a hell of a long mid season brake. This episode pick up the second after Resurgence left off. Ina  simple form it was action packed and marked the end of the Chloe alien ark (or so it seems). It also shows the blue aliens for the time since the season 1 episode  Lost; well the real them, they have been in flashbacks/visions a number of times since then. Lot’s of action in this one with a fight with the drones, i think where this episode falls a little flat is with the death of  Ursini, sure they may have been the last of the species, but i felt nothing when the blew them selfs up. It was made up for by some great scenes of Chloe and Matthew meeting the blue aliens, for the first time in a friendly situation. I’d like to know more about the alien race that created the drones, maybe we will, but with so few episode left i’m not holding my breath. All in all a top way for the show to start up again.

Twin Destines 2-12 

What did rush just do?

With the news that this will the last ever season of stargate, this will most likely the last ever episode written by the great Brad Wright. He did not let him self down. A classic stargate episode, because of the great sci-fi element of the episode. Much like the first season episode Time it starts with what the fuck moment there are two rushes. Through flashback (of what is to come) you learn of the failed attempt of the crews to dial back to earth from inside of a sun. It’s always nice to see the stargate used in different ways, and dialing from the destiny to another destiny was very cool. There are two big characters deaths in this episode, both are cop outs though.

Alliances 2-13 

Behind you

Defiantly the weakest episode of a strong start to the 2.5 season. It had it’s moments though, it was nice to see earth again as well as the old goa’uld cargo ship. It was a little slow for my taste. It started with Wray and Greer, at each other throats. But under some extreme situations they grow closer, i had to admit it was nice to see Ronald not being the super marine he normal was. It was a very dark story, with the two people who body swapped with Greer and Wray, been exposed to deadly radiation while not even in their body. So it was not about trying to save them, but that they were already dead, no hope.

Hope 2-14

I love this photo, of my two favorite characters

Those odd times that the B-story to an episode is lot’s better than main story, it normally means it a bad episode. Not this time, i think Hope could take the place of my favorite episode of Stargate or at least very close. It took my favorite character’s Volker and Greer and put them it situation. It’s funny, touching, sad, happy and most of all it’s Hope. The  photo above just sums the episode up; beautiful. We see the new hydroponics lab in it’s full glory (it’s the eden project in space) and it looks great. There is a very classic stargate moment, with Volker on the operating table and the theme to the 2001 space oddsey playing, it all goes wrong after that.  Not forgetting the A story, it was interesting to find out more about the communication stones.

That’s is all for the aired episode.
But i wanted to finish on something else Stargate related; Joseph Mallozzi said on his blog (http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/“Gauntlet, in particular, is very touching and its conclusion will no doubt you leave you…among many other things…frustrated, incredulous, outraged, offended, annoyed, vexed, saddened, distressed, bitter, aghast, irritated, unsatisfied, pissed-off, melancholy, miserable, confused, furious, dejected, riled, shocked, heartsick, angry, surprised, exasperated, indignant, enraged, despondent, bewildered, dismayed, incensed, stunned, and grief-stricken.” Gauntlet is going to be the last ever episode of Stargate Universe and it’s just so annoying that a show that i love (yes love) will get a unsuitable ending, i for one will most likely feel all of these feeling.