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Quick post

It looked like yesterday I would have got a job, only for 2 weeks over Christmas, but still a jobs a job, however thing went wrong. So first off they rang told me the details and that I would have to go to the reeds office in leeds (you see the job was through reeds employment). They told me what some of the things I need to bring in me was (passport, bank statement, passport size photos and national insurance card) and then they told me they would send an e-mail out with the location of their office and a confirmation on what is needed to the appointment. So I paid for £5 for and got some passport size photos while I waited for the e-mail, guess what it never came. So I had to look on google maps to find the location of their office.
The Next day I get to the location and guess what? The building is closed down. “WTF!” was my thought, so i had to ring my mum to get her to ring them to ring me back to give me there new location, so after about half an hour of faffing about I final got to the location. It was quite a nice office located at Toronto square building, it was near to the location that i had my year 13 prom, I digress. Once in I proceeded to wait for over half an hour. Then when I finally got in gave them the “correct” documents they told me they would not be able to take it because my bank statement was over 3 months old! Honestly it was 4 months old and they would not take, maybe it’s not there fault, they did not make up the rules, there conducting the interview for someone else. Surly it would make sense for them to tell me before though, so back home I went, so it is there fault actually. Ahhhh so that was a big fail.

This week has been so strange, it started off with a huge high and has got lower and lower for me. Really hope the weekend is better.