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Mass effect 3 ending – thoughts (spoiler of course)

For most it has been two years since they last got to control the goody two shoes (or bad ass) commander Sheppard. For me it has been less than a year, with me being among the late franchise adopters on PS3. While it had only been a year, it was more than enough time to get my saliva glands working overtime for Mass Effect 3. 

Mass Effect 3 like its predecessors’ is filled with great cinematic action, poignant moments and big choices. One of the great things about the series is when you are presented with a choice, you pause the game and have a long inner discussion about the best course of action. Even when you have made the choice and the repercussions of the choice are made apparent, the turmoil does not stop. While living with the choices made,  I end up spending more time thinking about my second play through where I will get to make the reverse choices and see how the game differs. In many ways Mass Effect 3 is a much better game than the previous one, the combat is slicker and the game is the first of the series to contain multi player.

However, many wasn’t that happy with Mass Effect 3, well at least  not with the ending. The fan outpouring about the end cinematic has been so strong that BioWare issued an apology and even promised new content that would offer a new ending or at least more closure to the series. (http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/122/1221273p1.html)

In the many ending (only small variations) Shepard dies (or in the perfect ending a slight breath covered in rubble). I’m not sure if this is what irked most fans into a frenzy only possible by fanboys with a highspeed internet connection. I’ve heard many fans also complain about the fact that, the many, many choice they have made in 90 odd hours in series previous has only a minimal effect on the endings possible.

Of all the arguments I’ve heard, Shepard dead, no last moment with the characters you’ve grown connected too, not knowing how the universe will be  affected by the last choice made; I have the most sympathy with the choices argument above. Not that I think BioWare deserved the nerdy outcry by the fans though. However, a game with a selling point of  choices, you would expect that the ending, would be affected by the choices made previous. I though personally thought that the ending was great, it was certainly memorable, and it left the series open to more games in which the universe will be vastly different to the current games out there.

As for BioWare apologising to set of very vocal, upset fans and even promising to change the ending for them, I think this show a complete lack of back bone. Fans don’t know what’s best for a game, sure they may come out with one or two good ideas, but most won’t be good or only good for some fans. The few good idea will get diluted by another 1000 people adding their own take on it. There is a reason most of these fans aren’t designing or writing games of their own. Because they are not good enough, or haven’t had the training  needed for it. What happens once this new content comes out and it overrides the previous ending? Are we, who liked the old ending meant to simply ignore new content we want to play? Do we get a say? and will then BioWare change the content again to please this group of fans?  BioWare should stick to their guns, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening now which is a shame. I am believer intellectual property, Mass Effect is BioWare game and if this was the ending they had planed it should be the ending that there is, fans might have bought the game but that doesn’t give that gamer a right to change the game to suit them. If it did then 100000’s of fans that bought the game would all get a say and it would be a massive miss match of shit.  All this does not take away from what great and original game series Mass Effect was.