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Top 5 aliens

Movies, TV shows, games, and books, you can’t get away from the things. They are either funny and cute, or evil child abducting monsters. They might stick a probe up your bum or they might just want to go home. Whatever they want, a truly amazing alien will keep kids up at night; some adults too. A good alien is not just scary, but believable, they might not even be intelligent, but they must look good. A back story can help but keeping the aliens mystery’s is also good.  So this is my top

5. Sandworms (Dune books)

The sandworm!

The sandworm is the only alien on the list that does not exhibit  a clear intelligence. The sandworm or the spice worms, are the central species in Frank Herbert epic Dune novels. The giant worms have are a crucial part of the dune  (Arrakis)  planet, ecosystem. They are the create a spice that allows pilots powers for safe interstellar space travel so they are most important things in the dune universe. The worms are the central to how the whole universe of the Dune Universe and they look pretty bad ass so that is why they are on the list.

4. Combine (half life series)

The adviser combine

In Half life the combine have a number of different looks, they can be transformed human, alien or  a synthetic lifeform with AI .  They have taken over the earth and are extremely smart as well as being completely evil. Combine are harsh rulers that use violence to keep the population subservient. The combine are a lot of different races together, so i can’t go their look to put them on the list, although the grub like alien (pic)  is perhaps the most alien that is shown in the series. The combine is the only truly bad aliens on the list, they have not killed the population but enslaved them. They are my favorite alien race from a game.

3 Prawns (District 9)

Fucking Prawns

The fucking prawns from district 9, are the most disgusting aliens. While the Aliens from Alien drool everywhere, this species eats cat food. The aliens are abused by humans which is a strange twist to the alien movie, and they look like seafood. I like prawns so they are on the list.

2. ET (E.T)


You can’t have a list of aliens with out including the leathery, rugby ball headed, dwarf. All ET wanted to was “go home” but we humans just could not let that happen. I know how unlikely that an alien would look so close to humans, but would we really feel such sadness for a gas cloud that speaks through farts? i think not. ET goes on because i’d feel bad if i didn’t put the little fella (was he a man?) on here.

1. Grey Aliens (various including stargate)

Asgard a typical Grey alien

When we think of aliens we think of Greys, they are burned into are conciseness. They might be tall or short, they look like unnatural humans that could do with a bite more to eat, and they are at the scariest when you only see their outline. Greys have been in many programs and films with the Asgard from stargate being one of the more famous ones. Given that i am such a big sci-fi fan you might think as a kid i would love aliens, not the case, i had so many nightmares about the Greys, that it is not a joke. I would stay up at night and think they would open my door with their long spindly arms. That is why Greys are number 1 because they scare the shit out of me and a lot of other like minded people.


Song of the Month – April (real)

Sorry about that last post, but now it is past noon and so here is my real song of the month.

In honor of me starting the fourth dune novel; The god emperor of dune. Here is the main theme to the dune film, it’s the best part of the film may i add.

Other news of note

So it was my Birthday on Wednesday, so we went for a nice meal at what seems like the local place that we eat at now. I say local, i mean 4 times in 12 months……..but we don’t go out for meal much. 19 now i feel so old ;). Any-who i got Killzone 3 (Which i have already completed) , The American Office season 5, Keane live on Blu-ray (will have to make do with that until, i get to see them live in real life) the fourth dune novel, some other bits and bobs, and some money; all in all pretty good………….

Also got round to ordering my ticket for the Friday at leeds festival.

Right i’m going to……..

.... watch some Keane on blu-ray and try to imagine i'm there

Top 5 movies (adaptation)

It’s the end of the month’s and you know what that means, my top 5 list. I have decided to do this at the end of each month. There is only so many top 5 list I could do (not strictly true but there is only so many general list)so I’m going to do more specific top 5 list’s much like my first list which was just sci-fi books. So this month it’s movies, but only remakes of older movies and adaptation’s of books, comics, games (sadly non of those) and other material! Not all of these have I seen or read the source version but i know it was based on something and that they are bloody good films.

5: Jurassic Park

Hey you guys!

The book is on my to read pile, so I can’t compare it with the book, however as movie on it’s own merits it’s very enjoyable. Honestly (would i lie) I can’t think of one other movie is this good and has dinosaurs, I mean dinosaurs are cool because they just eat you no reasoning with a t-rex. I mean why the hell did evolution decide to turn them in to chickens!

4: Shawshank Redemption

Who should have been in the film!

Personally I feel it would have been a better film with these to actors in it! Based on the Stephen king short story Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Again I have not read the original material, it really is a damn good film. “Well made” is how I would describes it, while it is not what I would class as a classic on paper, it might be seen as a little slow. However when watching it you go in to that timeless zone that people go to when they are enjoying a film, something that does change after countless viewings
Where did Tim’s Robbins go after this film I have not seen in any thing after this, tell a lie I did see him in Zathura (I want to forget that, I’m sure he does too).

3: Watchmen

"on the watchtower"

For this one I can compare the film to the great graphic novel (a comic book). It is a great film, I do know some people think other wise, but their wrong. The setting, the music, the action and the story are all perfect in this film. Maybe it goes on too long and it’s a strange at times, then again the comic book is also very strange at times. It’s stays very true to source material, other than the end. Personally I liked fake interdemensional aliens more.

Time for a brake form the list for the worst movie adaptation of all of time!


Such a Gay film

Oh David lynch how did you take my favourite book and turn it in to a mess of poor nonsensical narration and strange homosexual themes. This film is infamous for have Sting in a stupid thong thing (see above). I like it when a film can go away from the original material, but you need to still stay true the essences or if not you better be a great film, but in this film instead of changing an idea to another idea. They keep the idea, do it another worse way which makes the films complex story make no sense There is to much narration in this film; narration to my mind has always been a poor and lazy way of moving the story along without actually showing it. I HATE THIS FILM :( it had so much potential. One good thing about it is that the special effects they are still quite cool.

2: Serenity

I actually love her :P

Based on the short lived TV show firefly (see: https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/top-5-tv-programs/) it apparently is what season 2 would have been, I really wish i could have seen it in a series because a lot of stuff happens in this film.  It has a lot of surprise along the way, i’m sure Joss Whedon would not have chosen all the story to have been in film form. It does still do it’s job by creating a semi satisfying and entertaining ending (well somewhat) to the story which had built up in 14 episodes.  How hot is Summer Glau, I have a such a large crush on her, hell don’t all male nerds have one?

1: Lord Of the Rings

I’m sure I don’t need to say much about this. Best movie trilogy , I think so! It top my list as i’m sure it will top lot of other list’s. A real epic of a film.

I did say i was not going to say much about it.


Going out round wakefield (watch coppers) tonight for my friends 19th, looking forward to it :)

SNOW SNOW you cancelled my driving lesson
But you made the ground all pretty
But then people steeped on you
And you became a sludge
That i will slip and fall on
When i’m pissed

Bye bye

Don’t worry I am not stopping this blog.

On Saturday we had a good bye meal for my sister who is off travelling on Thursday (leaving Wednesday to her travelling buddy house). We went to the Old Mill restaurant outside Huddersfield. It was a nice meal had some steak in terikia source for my main little chewy but nice. I will stop there on the food i don’t want it to turn it a food review blog, although i’m sure somewhere down the line it will end up being one, so don’t quote me on this.
So yeah my sister is going travelling. She is going for 3 months and seeing loads and loads of Asia she starts off in China. Her start of the trip is the very similer to my school trip to China that I did 2 1/2 years ago when i visited Beijing, Shanghi and Xi’an just in a different order.


Me, just in my casual clothes.

I hope she has a grand time in Asia, i’m sure she will and take away a lot of memories, I know I did from just 2 weeks.

Finally got somewhere on the job front, with a phone interview at william hill in leeds apparently I may get spat in the face hopefully something will come from it. Also had a driving lesson today that was my 6th lesson and i am doing alright at the moment can’t say i am loving at the moment probably still a bit  nervous.
Reading another Frank Herbert book at the moment ‘The White Plague’ just another book to put on the pile of apocalypse books which i seem to have read a lot of, what does that tell you about me.

Toodle pip

My top 5 science fiction books (so far)

I wanted to put a list up on here, of the 5 science fiction books i have read in my life, since i’m still in life mode it is so far.

First here are a few books that just missed out on the list.

Stephen Baxter -Flood, Ark
John Scalzi- The Ghost Brigade, The Lost Colony and The Android’s Dream
James Patterson- Maximum Ride novels 1-3

And in at number at number 5

Children of dune

The third book in the Dune series

The most recent books i have read that got in to the list. Dune as a series is a well thought out SF masterpiece, in my opinion . There has been many, many dune books but Children of Dune is the climax (eyy!) to the original trilogy that started with Dune. This book unlike the first 2 does not follow the story of Paul, it is the story of his two children Leto and Ghanima, both of the kids of inherited the same strange power that his father had. The book follows Leto as he tries to make his vision of the golden path come true. I would not recommend this book until you have read the first two either.

Frank Herbert is a very smart author and i can’t wait to read the other books he has written.

Coming in at number 4

The Forever war

The Vietnam war in space

An Action packed book. It reminds me a lot of Starship trooper. Joe Haldeman book has widely been seen as a comparison of the Vietnam war in but in the ‘Space Opera’ setting. Its more than that though, its one of the few books i have read that has shows, how much time would pass on your home world, when a person travels such vast distances. Ohh and there is device called a stargate  in it, not the same stargate as from the show but still cool never the less.

Riddle Scott is apparently making a movie of the book, its meant to be the next Avatar type film, so read up before it comes out.

Number 3 is

Lord of Light

Buddha step aside Sam is here.

A strange book, one that took me a while to get in to, but one that once i  did get in to it; was impossible to put down.  The book is set in the far future. Earth has been abandoned many years before, colonist that escaped from Earth have found a new planet and have started to seed life on the planet. There is a twist though, the original colonist use there advance knowledge to become gods to the new human life seeded on the planet. They limit the knowledge of the new humans to keep them in check. However Sam one of the first colonist wants to change that. What happens after that is an epic story of his life, which reads like parables of a holy book .
The book infuses religion and Science fiction in a way that i have never before seen, but hope to see again.

In the second spot is

Old man's war

The first book of the trilogy

John Scalzi is one few author that i have read every book of, I plan to read any future books. Old man’s war is the first book of trilogy however it can be read as a stand alone novel. Scalzi is the only author, I have read that puts together Comedy, Action and hard Science into one book. Set in a Universe, that when you get to be 75 you have a choice you can either live out the rest of your life or you can join the army and fight in space. This book truly has everything for a Sci-Fi fan and i mean everything, it has an orgy of old people that have been transferred in to green skinned humans, and who would not want to read that. If your not interested in Sci-Fi (why are you reading this?) I would still recommend this book but as a soft way to get in to the genre.

And finally at number 1……….


A classic

A classic and obviously the first book in the series. This book tells the story the Atreides family on the planet of dune (Arrakis). Paul the son of Leto Atreides discovers he has strange powers that allow him to tell the future, so what do with his powers, he uses them to kill the emperor of the know Universe (It’s a lot more complex than that, just trying to put the basics on here). He takes over the empire using his powers and the brute strength of the fremen of dune, who end up worship him as a god. I have decided to put two dune books in this list because they are just so damn good! There is not much i can say about the book other than it is a must read. Give it a few chapters and you’ll be hooked. The series is set so far in the future that its hard to find connection to the humans as we are now, but that makes discovering about the the Dune Universe that little bit more exciting.

My computer is been stupid so it took me a long time to write this blog ,a bloody long time. Its only 2 days till my A-level results day, shall keep you informed.