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America 2012

A few photos from my recent trip to America, we visited Washington DC, various places in Virginia; including many places from the revolutionary war, which I have found very helpful as playing Assassin’s creed 3 at the moment (educational and fun).  After that we went across the country to LA and California, in a quite Disneyland oriented leg of the trip.

A quite scary photo, taken by my mum, clearly just a trick of the eye though

Me at my first NFL game

Had a pretty good view of the action

Inside the capital building

The white house, on another presidential note… we also managed to see his motorcade; that was cool

And now we move to Virginia

Skyline drive Virginia

It is a tree, a nice tree though…

A couple of nice photos from the plane

Moving on to California

It is Pluto


A bird… we wasn’t feeding it

And then we went home…..

Song of the month – November

So it is the time of the month where I spend a bit too much time on youtube trying to find a song, for the sake of the blog. The music in my life has taken a backward step last month, I have not to listen to much in the way of new music and no old song have captured me, so I struggled in coming up with a song choice.
However given that I have been in a very reminiscing mood, I thought back to the music on another Disney ride (see my first song of the month http://wp.me/psL0a-5T). This music on this ride was done by the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, the ride is California screamin, enjoy! The vidio of the music comes with a POV from the ride made by the coaster views (thanks!).

Song of the month – February

A start of a new feature on my blog (if i can be bothered) , each month I will chose one song, this song could be new or old. The song might show how i’m feeling, it might be just catchy song. It may even be a jaunty pirate song like this month!

Feel free to sing along.

Take a look at this.



What the hell, real or fake; what do you think?
I’d believe it is fake.

Well I think it would be a little bigger news if it was real, oh never mind.