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Top 5 – KEANE songs

I love Keane they are my favourite band at the “moment” so I thought I would do this months top 5 on them. This list is for you Keane, your music keeps my mind ticking over while a read or write.
It’s only a quick top 5 no need for me to talk about the songs since I have linked them on to the page.

5. Crystal Ball


I just love the video for this. Got the guy from avatar in it.

4. My shadow


Not a fan of this video. But its a great song best song on the Night Train EP.

3. Snowed under


This song makes me happy

2. The lovers are losing


This song is the second most played on my i pod, nuff said.

1.  Bedshaped


I want this song at my funeral. Just so ya know.

Give em a listen!

Might have a new short story up soon. It’s all done but i’m looking at other places that i could possibly put it other than my blog. Like selling it ;)

Lots of my friends are back from uni so a big night of drinking tomorrow.