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A few days in Skyrim

In my first few days playing the new Elder Scroll game skyrim, now lets just ignoring the fact it sound like sky has a new gay porn channel, I have seen and done many things in the my time. I have killed 3 dragons, shouted at a small child, stopped a bully, seen a mammoth riding another mammoth (a game bug), attacked a tree, been flung a 100 meters in the air by a giant (bug), found a butterfly in a jar, had two of my horses die and then eaten their meat, and fought a dragon that has not fully loaded so was half invisible (bug).

It is easy to get sucked in to the Tolkienesk world, far too easy. The world is huge, and more importantly detailed you can’t walk 2 minuets in any direction without finding something of interest. To date I have played the game for over 15 hours and still only visited two of the 5 major city’s (one only briefly when getting arrested for using a shouting at a guard) this is testament to the scale of the map. I am not new to the Elder Scroll series, my first entry into the series was with the last game oblivion, since the basics of the game, is for the most part the same it meant I could jump straight in without too much complications. The major changes from the last game other than obviously graphical improvements, is the simplicity of the menus. If you mainly play FPS type games, it will still take you a while to get to grips with the inventory, favourite and the levelling up system, but it is much simpler and easier to use for ventren RPG(ers) yet it still has the depth you want from a RPG.

The key word in RPG’s should be choices or at a good illusion of choice, skyrim has plenty. I have been playing uncharted 3 for the last few weeks and while a great game you are stuck following the same path throughout the whole 10 hour story. In skyrim I spent 20 mins just choosing what race I was going to be, which is down from the 40 mins I spent in Oblivion. You can play the game in complete freedom (in game terms), you can complete the main story first, play that last or in between the hundreds of side quest, or you could explore the vast planes of Skyrim missing the story out completely, or just become a murder who loots city’s and towns. I find the best experience is doing a bit of everything though.

The game is far from perfect, there is a certain charm in some of the bugs and glitches in skyrim, seeing a huge mammoth atop of another mammoth literately made me laugh out loud, I was annoyed that I did not film it. Lucky that some else caught it though.
However sometimes the bugs are not funny and they make the game unplayable, two times someone has disappeared into a wall making it impossible for me to talk to them, once a key item has failed to appeared, so far reloading a previous save (I save a lot learning my lesson in from the previous game) seems to solve the problem in all these cases.

Skyrim is a great game, huge and probably the best value for money game out there. It is of course not without it’s problems, I think given current technology it is probably impossible to make a game as big as this and for it to be perfect.
This is not a review of skyrim, I think I need many more hours before I can make a proper judgement.