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Random things and my dam nose

It’s been a very random week, some things I have done were planed a couple of gigs, EOM and pendulum. Some things were not a random night out and seeing an old friend someone who I have know since I was very young, but not seen a lot of for a while.  Amongst all of this, my stupid (large) nose is becoming more and more like snot factory. I have always had a sensitive nose and a big one for that matter. It’s stupid really I believe I have an allergy to dust, actually I believe I have an allergy to everything small (dog hair too) that can enter through my nose ,it’s infuriating.  I manage through it, i have no choice.

It’s a confusing time for me at the moment!
You know when you are so sure about something and then something happens to make you think the another way, but then another thing happens and that makes you think the original way, well that happened at the start of this week and now I am sick to death about thinking about it. My mind fuck up as it, does not want to think any more of this problem, but my poor mind is confused and my mind likes a good puzzle. Right now my brain is more confused than a epileptic pig going to it’s slaughter (for some reason I thought people may related to a dying pig more than my mind). It’s not a hard life being a teenage boy in fact it’s pretty piss easy. What it is though being 18 and a boy, is a constant changing vat of chemicals (in my brain) making me stressed and confused.  I honestly don’t know what is up with me. One min or one year i’m outgoing at college some people and i’d like to think funny, and the next I can struggle to talk to person i have know for years (at least at first it’s always awkward with me). THANK GOD for booze it did save me a little that night. I know there is reasons for my awkwardness.

So all I can do is sit writing this blog of mine and hopefully later today have a nice little writing session of my book (I have hit a little mental wall, well it is my first attempt at a book). I do this while worrying stupid amounts about things that I might be reading toi much in to some things.

Ahhhh fuck it, I have got some Keane on and i’m going to relax and write and hope that for a few moments i don’t think about it.
Wish me luck.

Also don’t be shocked if my blog looks completely different later today i’m experimenting with themes and hopefully a home page.