Story – Prologue

The Prologue of what i am writing at the moment.

ST-Means Star Travel, so 402 ST is 402 years after the discovery of Hyperspace.
The Digue army are Humans something that will be pointed out.



Icarus06 not knowing his name at the time awoke to the smell of gun powder and to the concussive sound of bombs hitting the bunker. His third sense did not have the traumatic start to his new world which his other senses had, Icarus who later will be known as Daniel Sheppard opened his eyes, they saw a fair haired medic who was tenderly putting a bandage over Icarus bleeding head.
‘Hi there, you’re lucky to be alive’ the fair haired medic said to Icarus.
Icarus just grumbled as his highly tuned sense recalibrated to his surroundings.
‘Don’t get too excited if things carry on as they are, you won’t be alive for much longer’
‘What’ Icarus also known as Icarus06 later to be known as Daniel Sheppard said.
‘Oh sorry I did not mean to be so blunt but things are not looking very good at the moment you know with the whole war going on over are heads’
Icarus closed his eyes not voluntarily, he had passed out.

2 hours later Icarus awoke again to the same smell, the same sound and the same sight of the fair haired medic; she shone a light in to his eyes. Icarus squinted as he once again recalibrated to his surroundings.

‘We have to move you deeper into the bunker. They are at the entrance they don’t know how long they can hold them off’.  ‘Come on, this one is ready for transfer’ the medic said this to a dark haired young man soldier, he was holding a small fire arm. The man placed his handgun back into his holster; and then he began to press several buttons on a large console, the console was round in design, Icarus could see a number of coloured buttons he wondered what they did but before he could finish his thought Icarus could feel his body shake, he had passed out again.

Icarus awoke, not in bed but in mid fight. He was ripping the throat out of a man. A crimson shower of blood came out from the neck of his victim. Icarus began to vomit, but only a little bit and only in his mouth. Icarus swallowed it and passed out again.
An hour later Icarus awoke with blood dripping down his knuckles but not his blood; it was the blood of hundreds of dead soldiers that now were blood stained black they was decaying slowly in the earth like atmosphere. Icarus looked down at himself; he was holding two M614K, the choice weapon at the time of the Digue Army, he did not know how he knew this. The ends of the M614K were smoking, Icarus could smell the lead, and this made his nose twitch. Icarus had more important things to worry about than that twitch which he had on his nose.

He was standing in a battlefield on the planet ofYorkunder the G class star. The planet which was approximately 50 light years from earth, and was around 50% of the size of earth, rotated at the exact same angle as earth. This over all the rest made the planet more suitable to human colonisation. The low gravity made Icarus feel light.  The battlefield was massive but dull, Icarus wondered if the whole planet was this dull, there were no plants or trees, no mountains in the distance, no rivers to break up the landscape, just trenches which had been used to fight in. Icarus jumped down it to one of these trenches. The trench was held up with metal supports to keep the bloody wet dirt from collapsing back into the trench. Laser turrets were placed all along the trenches, there were dead men slumped on most of these turrets. Icarus was a tall man, about 6ft 2”, and so by standing on his tiptoes he could see over the trench. He saw some concussive artillery guns in the near distance, Icarus assumed that these were the guns that were aiming at the bunker that he was in before.

Icarus could not understand how he knew this information about the planet or why he knew that he felt light when as far as he knew he had only been on this planet, and had only been alive for a matter of hours, however odd that sounded. Icarus realised he was again vomiting but not in his mouth this time but all over a number of soldiers that he had just killed or assumed he had just killed, it was as if something had exploded in his belly he could not stop himself, it just kept coming out, making the already horrific battle field that little bit worse.

Finally it stopped much to Icarus’s relief. As he centred himself, like an actor ready to make his big début, he looked around and he finally let it sink in, all the horror that he had caused or it seemed that he had caused.

A group of 5 or 6 men moved toward Icarus, his mind was blurry at the time so he did not have time to count them accurately, Icarus found this ironic that he found it hard to count such a small number just as it had appeared he had just killed an incalculable number of warriors. The men that looked like soldiers were coming down the long trench; they were in a defensive posture as they moved towards Icarus. The men carried assault rifles different to those that he was now holding and different to the weapons that the scores of dead men and a small number of women were clutching to their decaying bodies. Icarus half expected to pass out again as the group of soldiers came closer, Icarus did not pass out.
‘Drop the weapon, now’ the eldest of the group said. Icarus studied the mans face. He could see that the man had not shaved for a number of days; his lower face was covered in heavy stubble, he was dark skinned and wore a baseball cap. The man had short cropped hair. Icarus lowered his gaze to see that the man was holding a Ghu 12 assault rifle.  This was the last weapon still manufactured that still fired something that resembled the bullets of the days before the Digue came. The Ghu 12 was also standard issue of the Earth Special Forces unit. The reason the Special Forces unit used a Ghu 12 was simple, new weapons of this age used a high pressure beam that could cut through human flesh. All research into weapon defences was done to protect men and women from these beam weapons, it also meant that people forgot about the dangers of high speed lead fired from a long stick. The Ghu 12 had the capacity for a small group of people to be able to cut through their enemies in the most deadly way. The Earth Special Forces unit was small enough to ensure that any damage that they did make would not be large enough to make the Digue followers make any serious attempt to protect its foot soldiers from this danger; again Icarus did not know how he knew this.

Icarus decided that the best course of action was to drop the weapons he had no idea how he killed or had appeared to have killed the huge number of men and women that lay all around him, so he had no idea how to repeat it if he had to.

‘What the hell happened here?’ a younger man who had a dark armoured helmet said to an elder soldier.

‘Keep quiet, sergeant’ the eldest man replied. The sergeant kept his weapon pointed at Icarus.

Icarus was about to speak up and for only the second time in his known life talk to another person, but he was stopped when  Icarus heard muttering coming from eldest man’s radio, the radio which was fastened to his personal shield emitter. Icarus decided that maybe it was fastened there to give the emitter itself some extra protection from incoming blasts.
‘OK, Roger that’ Icarus knew Roger was an old Earth military communication meaning that they understood the last message. This was another confirmation to Icarus that the men that stood in front of him were indeed part of military unit.

‘Alright whoever you are, you are coming with us’. ‘Cuff him’ Two men grabbed Icarus’s arms, moved them closer together and snapped a pair of military grade hand cuff’s. There would be no way that Icarus could break through these.
‘What’ Icarus squeaked, he had not spoken many words before this.
Icarus coughed ‘What the hell happened?’  Icarus said in a rough gritty voice, it was the first time he has heard his voice properly. Icarus imagined the solders must have thought of him as some sort of Action Hero with his gravely voice. Icarus had more important things on his mind now though.

‘We were thinking you could tell us’ The Commander asked.

‘No idea, I passed out and then I was here’ Icarus looked down and wondered whether he should trust these men. He had no clue if he could, but neither did he have any alternatives.
‘And, I don’t have any memories before waking up in an infirmary and well now’ Icarus said almost ashamed of the fact he could not remember anything.
The eldest and the Commanding man scratched the top of his close cropped hair.
‘Well whatever happened you saved our asses from these bastards, you have our thanks, my name is Lieutenant Cross by the way’ Cross held his hand out to shake Icarus’s hand before realizing that the man that had just saved him and his men was in handcuff’s.

Cross quickly moved his hand lower, not to make the scene any more awkward he let out a quick laugh. Cross then ordered two of his men to take Icarus back to the bunker.

Cross felt strange looking at Icarus knowing what he is, what he was, but orders were orders and he must follow them without question. And so Icarus, Cross and his men headed back to the bunker in which Icarus 06 was born.
Two men carefully guided Icarus deeper into the battlefield. Icarus assumed that he was heading back to the bunker, where Icarus had had his first thought in this strange new world which he was to become a part of.
Icarus felt a chill down his spine. He was not worried he was sure where ever he was going was not to going to be bad. He thought that they would not do anything to the man who had saved their lives and killed their enemies, would they? he asked himself!

He felt more positive, an immense feeling of euphoria crept over him. Whatever he had lived and experienced in his past life was now over. Icarus could start afresh in this new world or worlds as it were.

Of course Icarus had not forgotten what had happened around him, he knew that there was something strange with him, that he was not normal. Icarus knew at that time there was nothing he could do, there was nothing he knew, so he put it to the back of his mind and hoped that he would not be blacking out again anytime soon.
And then Icarus thought that he had never seen his own face. He hoped he was good looking; that would make his new life a lot easier.

Copyright this work is mine and my not be copied, reproduced or edited in any way.

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