Short Story – Fat Tim

I did say that i was going to put some short story’s on here a while back so this is my first. I wrote this on my I Pod touch the other night. It’s a bit surreal. Comment if you like or hate it please.

Fat Tim.

Tim was a fat man. As a fat man, Tim liked the idea of being slim. He tried a diet; sadly for Tim he was too weak minded to carry it through. He came to the realization that he was never going to become slim, the reason? Because he loved food just that little bit too much.  He loved nearly all food but he was a lover of sugar more than anything else in the world. One day he ate, 3 bags of pick a mix, 8 Snickers, 2 Mars, a Freddo, some assorted Haribo, 3 nearly 4 tins of Quality Street and a bowl of Frosties. For Tim it had been the sugary Frosties that had sent him over the edge that day.

Before the sugary cereal Tim had been enjoying the lovely high that came from lots and lots of sugar. Then after eating it all he felt a strange drive fill his large body.

He got up out of his Lazy Boy chair and walked, actually it was more like a waddled out of his house. Fat Tim walked on to his street, he got a number of looks, he was wearing his blue striped pajamas, ones that had stains of chocolate over them from the sugar overdose he was now experiencing.

A group of Chavs saw him waddling down the street, and they shouted to him crudely “Hey you fat piece of shit, come over here”. Tim ignored the young teenage boys and carried on walking. He got to the end of the street and turned left. The boys followed Tim on their bikes. This was a situation that Tim would normally have dreaded the most, however today the Frosties had set him on an unknown mission, this suppressed the dread. Tim walked down the main road following a strange purpose, that not only did he not understand, but felt he had to follow because the Frosties had told him to. They had not told him in the sense that it spoke, but it felt like an urge, similar to huger urges he would get.

Further down the road he took another left on to a narrow gravel road that was only used for residents. Tim knew that further up the road it would lead to a small park, however he could not work out why he was taking himself here.

“Oy you fat boy. We wanna to talk ta you. You’re walking too fast, we can’t keep up with ya” the other boys laughed at their friend.

Tim again ignored them, this seemed to aggravated the boy’s even more. Tim finally reached the park. Normally this amount of activity for him would have left him gasping for air, but right now he was fine, in fact he was better than fine he felt better than he had ever felt before. He moved on to the park itself still pursued by the boys, they loudly stalked Tim like he was their prey with jeers and laughter on to the park. Tim waddled into the middle of the park.

He found a spot that just felt right and began to dig with his naked hands. He threw dirt to one side in a frenzy, as he dug deeper into the hard soil. It was hard work it made Tim’s hands bleed, but he did not feel any pain, the Frosties had made sure of that.

The group of boys were confused, they formed a circle around Tim, they waited to see what he was doing, curiosity had over powered their urge to mentally scare the poor man. As Tim got deeper into the soil it became it easier, the soil became softer, almost like it had been disturbed recently. He then started to make the hole wider and longer before he dug even deeper in to the soil. An hour had passed since Tim had walked on to the field. The boy’s curiosity had waned since then as Tim just dug wider and deeper. One by one they left, bored of the fat man that had clearly lost his marbles.

It carried on into the late late night before Tim finally stopped digging, his hands were now red raw with very little skin remaining on his hands. It was still painless though. Tim finally stopped and he slowly climbed up from the large hole he had created. He looked down at the hole he had just dug, nothing was there only dirt. Tim placed his damaged hands in to his face, they began to hurt and he started to cry.  He shouted out “Frosties what have you done to me”. Before he could shout some profanity. Something suddenly glowed deep within the ground of the hole he had just dug. The ground shook around him but he remained perfectly still. The dirt began to part, then a large seemingly metal object defied gravity and slowly rose upward until it was at the same level as Tim. His heart pumped blood around his fat body, faster than ever before.
Tim was scared.
The object was round and had no sharp ends. It did not look to have any entrances or even any windows but it did have a dim yellow glow that came from all around it. The object was about 3 times larger than Tim and Tim was big. He felt the Frosties urge him to touch the object. So he reached out and placed his hand on the floating ball like thing. It was cold for a moment but it soon warmed up. In fact the object kept getting warmer until it burned into Tim’s tattered and bloodied hand. This was a pain he could feel.  He tried to remove his hand but found he was unable too, he cried out, he heard a dog barking. The burning pain died down after a while, but his hand was still was unable to move. A surge of energy suddenly transferred from the ball through to his hands and into his body. Tim’s whole body then trembled, Tim collapsed, he fell on to the ground and his hand fell from the spherical object. He was still conscious and laid on the ground. The object suddenly began to rise again, much faster now until Tim could no longer see it, it must have gone into space Tim thought. His eyes then involuntary closed from the encounter, it had taken it out of him, he fell asleep on the ground.

“Hey, you. are you OK?” Tim could hear the sound and opened his eyes. He was laid on the soft grass on the park. He looked up to see a teenager of about 18 years of age standing over him. The boy was standing there with his dog. Tim groaned as he slowly got to his feet. Around him was the park but the hole he had dug in the night was no longer there.

“A hole, there was a hole here where is it” asked Tim.
“Can’t say I have seen anything, sorry. Are you gonna be OK? Do you want me to ring for an ambulance or anything?”

Tim looked at his hands, they were fine, still stubby but not red raw and tattered. “no ,I will be fine” Tim lied

“Alright then” said the boy and he walked off with his dog.

Confused, Tim walked back up the gravel road, down the main road in to his street and down to his house. Tim opened his door it was unlocked he must have left it that way. As Tim walked into his house he felt he was going to die from a heart attack, he was exhausted from the walk to his house. He slumped on to his lazy boy chair to catch his breath. Tim was confused at what had happened to him. Was it a sugar overdose that had made him go crazy? Was it real? It felt real. Tim looked to see his empty bowl of Frosties sitting there on the table. Tim felt hungry, so he picked up a mars bar he found on the floor and opened it up. He was about to eat it when he knew he had to do something, Tim then threw the chocolate into the bin and then he got up and picked up a banana that he found next to the bowl of Frosties  He ate it and something remarkable happened, something magical his body was satisfied with just the single banana.

Copyright Joel Hopkins ©

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