The last day – Day 5 in Roma

The last day in Rome and a more relaxed one. If you have followed this blog, you will have seen the photos from my trip and these photo speak for their selfs on the “beauty” of Rome. However I have not fallen in love with Rome like the guide books said. The traffic that follows you down the backstreets, and the rudeness of some people made sure of this. An example of this was the meal this evening, in which we was completely forgot about and so i was stuck with a cheap sandwich for Dinner.

I won’t miss the trekking around, but I will miss the sites. I have been in many a churches on this holiday, and no religious experience has found me. No the grandness of even the smaller church, made me think of greed. I won’t go in to any detail, as i am a stout non believer and would be un fair, on a subject I don’t know a massive amount on. However if there was not this greed then, there would be non of these sites to see.
My feet glad to be home and my brain will be happy in not worrying about cars coming down the pavement at me. I would recommend Rome to anyone, they would go however, with a warning from me “Be careful, watch for cars”

These are some more beautiful places we saw on our last day in Rome.

20110929-104703 PM.jpg

20110929-104711 PM.jpg

20110929-104718 PM.jpg

20110929-104726 PM.jpg

20110929-104733 PM.jpg

20110929-104739 PM.jpg

20110929-104746 PM.jpg

20110929-104752 PM.jpg

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