Roma day 1

Day 1 in the Rome and the bad weather which was promised never turned up. It has been nice today and the forecast (hopefully more accurate) says it shall be nice for the rest of the week. It’s been a very long day today after a early wakeup, we ended up getting to Rome and our apparment (i know rite posh) at 1. After a quick rest we did a lot of walking. It has been great though, we went to St Peters a very holy place, not that I could feel that, the epic nature of the place is awe inspiring though. Myself and my dad climb the 580 stairs to the top to get a crowded clear sky view of the city. In fact the journey up the stairs was an adventure in itself, going through winding narrow stairs was quite cool.
Here is a few pics from the first day, Excuse the rushed nature of this blog, it’s being done off my i pod.

Basically the photos are of St Peters with a special photo of me; for the ladies.




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