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A tidy up…

You might have noticed the new blog theme, I was getting bored with the old theme and thought it was time for a change, hope you like it. Now along with the cosmetic change of a new theme, I’ve made things a little tidier. Before this little update, my short story and extra pages (at the top of the blog), were also doubled up as post from when I first created them. Now this meant for all extensive purposes these were two separate post (& webpages). For example; when I updated my, Extras – Band I have seen live page it wouldn’t have updated the original post. So to save me faffing about, I have deleted the original post. Meaning if you tired to find the post using the search function, you would only find the one version rather than two.
The only major changes is that you won’t find these pages using the archive any more  because they aren’t post they are pages… I am getting myself a little confused here. Anyway you shouldn’t need to search for these pages, because, there is a nice handy link at the top of the blog. The other change is sadly if they were any comments on the post version they have been deleted along with the post, because I couldn’t find a way to transfer them (there was only two so no major tragedy).
Another change is that the america photos posted earlier this month will be under, Extras – Photos, so for now there will be two version of that.

Hope you like the changes, hopefully it will give me a kick up the butt to update this blog a little more.

America 2012

A few photos from my recent trip to America, we visited Washington DC, various places in Virginia; including many places from the revolutionary war, which I have found very helpful as playing Assassin’s creed 3 at the moment (educational and fun).  After that we went across the country to LA and California, in a quite Disneyland oriented leg of the trip.

A quite scary photo, taken by my mum, clearly just a trick of the eye though

Me at my first NFL game

Had a pretty good view of the action

Inside the capital building

The white house, on another presidential note… we also managed to see his motorcade; that was cool

And now we move to Virginia

Skyline drive Virginia

It is a tree, a nice tree though…

A couple of nice photos from the plane

Moving on to California

It is Pluto


A bird… we wasn’t feeding it

And then we went home…..

This last month

So in the last month, I have been on holiday. I have been to Washington DC, done stuff there; saw my first NFL game (Redskins vs Vikings) seen the usual sights, blah blah blah. Went to Virginia and California did lots of great stuff, all in all been a pretty good holiday  I may talk about it more later, but I am going to post a few photos of my time there some time soon. Now, since I have been back I’ve been to see Muse, and the Killers. I have seen a few new bands and singers since that I last updated my bands I have seen live list, so that has been updated.

Any who speak, later.


It might not seem like a lot, but for me it is a big milestone for this, my little corner of the web. What is more cool for me personally, is that while this blog has been going for over two years now, over half of the 20,000 (11,736… yes I worked it out) views have come in the last 9 months. My blog is now regularly achieving well over a 1000 views a months, a feat I only dreamed of when I started it.  And all this in the least productive time for my little blog. So I just wanted to thanks anyone who is among that number of 20,00, and a very special thank you, to anyone that has visited my blog more than once… I don’t know why did, but I am glad you did.
Any way hopefully I will back on here soon; also don’t be afraid to leave comments, it helps me to know that some of these views have actually read what I have put!

Moving on….

I’m not giving up on this blog, not just yet anyway… I’m just struggling to find both the time and motive to keep updating. For the last few weeks I have been starting blogs, on absolute random topics, which to be honest I probably don’t have much right to talk about. At least not without doing a lot more research, and I end up deleting the blog without them ever seeing the light of day. As I as said before, I won’t abandon the blog completely; I plan to update it. Whenever, I have a topic that interests me, that I want share, so basically whenever I feel like it. I know there is very few or none at all that check  on here regularly, but if you do exist somewhere out there (mum?) I apologise. Hopefully there will be some quality content coming on here every now and then….



Phantom of the opera (song of the month)

Last night I went to see the aforementioned musical, it is the second time I’ve seen the great show. This time I went to see the performance in my home town, as the tour version is passing through. However, the first time I was very lucky to see the show at the permanent home in New York. The UK tour version doesn’t differ too much to the main show, it just on a slightly smaller scale.

The main theme of the phantom of the opera is just exceptional, it’s so haunting and a great contrast between opera, and more modern musicals.

Other news of note

Well since there isn’t anything else to make it the “other” news of note – it is just news of note. I haven’t posted anything about  what has been happening in my life, so here is a bullet point list of things that has happened to me.

  • Not a lot
  • Got a job, still in the job after two months (yay for me)
  • Got tickets to see Muse
  • Got tickets to see the England cricket test match at Headingley
  • Leeds Rhinos have got to Wembley again, to play in the challenge cup final (yay for them)
  • Got tickets to see them at Wembley
  • Went to see Keane
  • ermmm is it worrying I’m already running out of things to put…..
  • Did some other crap not worth putting
  • Not  done much writing (bad for me)

I also went on the hallowed Headingley (rugby side) turf. Which was fun.


Ladies ;)

And last of all, I met Charley Boorman (touch me)….