Welcome to my blog. I blog, badly, sometimes I write in prose, sometimes I don’t. I don’t have a structure either, it is a bit of a mess.  On this blog I already have posted 3 short story’s as well as the prologue of the book i’m writing; you can view this selection of my writing using the links at the top of the blog. You may notice that the writings are in a variety of genre’s; as long as I believe in what i’m writing and i’m fine with it. So whether that is a love story, a story about aliens or even just a story about a fat man, who takes an odd journey to a park; I don’t mind. You may also notice lots of mistakes, that is because I am lazy, I know that not good for someone who wishes to be a professional writer, but I promise I will improve. I don’t just write fiction, I will also post the odd book review, talk about my TV viewing choice, write about something that just takes my interest, I do a monthly top 5 list too (https://joelhopkins.wordpress.com/category/top-5/). Along with these post, there will be a fair share of stuff about my personal life. While these probably won’t be interesting to many people, however they mostly end up being a long post about me complaining about not having a girlfriend or how a night out drinking has not gone according to plan some might even be funny.
The state of my blogging is not at clockwork to say the least. Bit keep checking every now and then, i’m sure you will find something new – most times.

I hope you enjoy my blog, don’t be afraid to comment on what you read, either negative or positive, just keep it polite or I won’t approve the comment ( I have the power ).

Praise for me and my blog.

On one of my short story’s “A good story and got lots of potential” – Richard Falk author of WARP

On one of my reviews “……I’d also like to mention that it was a rather well-written, balanced review in general. Better than most, I’d say.” David Anthony Durham author of the Acacia series

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Murray

    You consistently misuse aposophe’s like grocer’s do. Like that. Praise for me and my blog contains another one: “lot’s of potential” is wrong – it should be “lots of potential” and “on one of my Review’s” should not have an apostrophe nor a capital R. Otherwise, keep up the work.

    1. Joel Hopkins Post author

      Hey, thanks for the advice. I have always been crap at English, so now I’ve left college, i’m trying to learn the rules myself.



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