It might not seem like a lot, but for me it is a big milestone for this, my little corner of the web. What is more cool for me personally, is that while this blog has been going for over two years now, over half of the 20,000 (11,736… yes I worked it out) views have come in the last 9 months. My blog is now regularly achieving well over a 1000 views a months, a feat I only dreamed of when I started it.  And all this in the least productive time for my little blog. So I just wanted to thanks anyone who is among that number of 20,00, and a very special thank you, to anyone that has visited my blog more than once… I don’t know why did, but I am glad you did.
Any way hopefully I will back on here soon; also don’t be afraid to leave comments, it helps me to know that some of these views have actually read what I have put!

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