Other news of note

Well since there isn’t anything else to make it the “other” news of note – it is just news of note. I haven’t posted anything about  what has been happening in my life, so here is a bullet point list of things that has happened to me.

  • Not a lot
  • Got a job, still in the job after two months (yay for me)
  • Got tickets to see Muse
  • Got tickets to see the England cricket test match at Headingley
  • Leeds Rhinos have got to Wembley again, to play in the challenge cup final (yay for them)
  • Got tickets to see them at Wembley
  • Went to see Keane
  • ermmm is it worrying I’m already running out of things to put…..
  • Did some other crap not worth putting
  • Not  done much writing (bad for me)

I also went on the hallowed Headingley (rugby side) turf. Which was fun.


Ladies ;)

And last of all, I met Charley Boorman (touch me)….


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