A metal gear song of the month

A special song of the month to celebrate, and to say a little ‘thank you’ to a video franchise  very close to my nerdy heart. Metal gear, which is now over 25 years old.  Annoyingly, as I forgot about it, this post is a couple of days late of the actually date of the – but never mind.

Here is some great music from the franchise, it sums up emotion, action and energy of the series.


It might be a little strange to think that a video game franchise, is older than myself. However, my earliest memories of playing video games (on my sister’s PS1) were of Metal gear solid. At the age of 7, I first saw the advert on TV. And in a way only a 7 year old can, I somehow persuaded my parents to buy me this game – which was age rated at over double my age (granted that might have been slightly irresponsible but they are great parents). Ever since that time, Metal gear solid has been a huge part of gaming life – sometimes to a point of obsession.

Happy Birthday Metal Gear!!! And thanks for all the games

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