The Slow down in content!

I do apologize for the lack of updates on my blog of late. I can’t give a particular reason for the slow down of my posting frequency. Perhaps my dog’s death has had an affect but I can’t be sure. Whatever it is, it has affect all my writing. All my different writing projects have slowed to a crawl, and that is not good. It is strange that while I have been posting less than ever, my blog is getting a record number of view (I know the views is still relatively small) with last month being the first month with over a 1000 views in it! Maybe people are trying to tell me something?

I can’t promise with this new entry that it will be the start of a new content influx, I wish I could but first and foremost I need to work on my main writing. Hopefully I will get back into the jig of things with that soon and the blog will soon follow. But for now please bear with me!

Cya on the other side! (not sure where that came from)

6 thoughts on “The Slow down in content!

  1. Lori DiNardi

    Hello Joel. As soon as I read the words “my dog’s death” I knew I had to comment. I don’t know you, or the relationship you had with your dog. All I can tell you is that when my dog died, it took me some time to get my writing act together again. All I wrote afterward was one grief poem after another. I know we are perfect strangers, but after losing my heart dog (34 months ago), I now reach out to others who also have lost. My heart goes out to you.

    1. Joel Hopkins Post author

      Thanks for the reply Lori, your kind words are really appreciated and makes me feel better about the lack of writing; that there might be a reason and not just my laziness. Also I’m very to sad to hear you lost too.
      Like you writing poems, I tried to write a little story about my dog’s life last month ( ) it is not really a grief story but I found it helped a little.

      Thanks again!

      1. Lori DiNardi

        Hi Joel. I tried going to the link you offered but it said there was an error. It does help to share about our dog’s life to help them live on, at least it did me. If you find yourself feeling particularly down, you can try


    Sorry about the loss. I lost my mum on Thursday last week. I had two days of black out (no writing) but I now have a strong urge to fill my time with writing (maybe so I do not have time to think about the loss!).
    Well, just wanted to say, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my poem about mentoring.
    Hope the urge to write catches you as well (or you catch it, whichever comes first). All the best for the future. Will visit again soon.

    1. Joel Hopkins Post author

      Thanks for the comment, I really liked your Poem. And i’m very sorry to hear about your mother, my heart goes out to you!


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