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Top 5 – Shows I am watching, that haven’t been cancelled… yet. (Or have but I only just started the show)

It has been 2 months without a top 5, so I thought it was about time I came up with a new one. TV shows are like skin (stick with me) you have a set a show that you watch for years, they are usually on at the same time in the year; and slowly, one series ends or maybe two. Then a new series starts and after a number of years, like your skin, you get a whole new set of programs to watch.  In the past I watched many shows that was a regular part of my weekly viewing pattern, shows like stargate, X-files, Farscape, Lost, Rome, Life on Mars and many more. But these shows are long gone and with other shows like Chuck and House in their final series, I will have new skin, it will be a harder skin less vulnerable to the hurt from premature cancellation. I’m not really sure what whether TV have become weaker in the last few years, I just know this is pretty strong list of shows right here….

Any way on to the list…

5) Fringe

Image belongs to Fox

4) The Wire

Image belongs to HBO

3) Sherlock

Image belongs to the BBC

2) Walking Dead

Yup the image belongs to AMC and not me


1) Game of Thrones

Another Image that belongs to HBO


Well that was another fucking lazy post, anyway a few plans for the blog, lets hope I don’t find excuse not to execute them!


Probably just another lazy post, but this is the new music video for one of Keane’s new song from the new album, ‘strangeland’ that comes out 7th of May. It is great song, and very odd video but one of the best Keane vids out there. give it a watch.

The Slow down in content!

I do apologize for the lack of updates on my blog of late. I can’t give a particular reason for the slow down of my posting frequency. Perhaps my dog’s death has had an affect but I can’t be sure. Whatever it is, it has affect all my writing. All my different writing projects have slowed to a crawl, and that is not good. It is strange that while I have been posting less than ever, my blog is getting a record number of view (I know the views is still relatively small) with last month being the first month with over a 1000 views in it! Maybe people are trying to tell me something?

I can’t promise with this new entry that it will be the start of a new content influx, I wish I could but first and foremost I need to work on my main writing. Hopefully I will get back into the jig of things with that soon and the blog will soon follow. But for now please bear with me!

Cya on the other side! (not sure where that came from)