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Top 5 games of 2011

The last top 5 of the year and the last post of the year. There are only two formats that I am heavily invested in now, that is books and games. Films have taken a back seat, as has new music, and with the fact that stargate is now dead and cold I have not started many new TV shows this year either. This has been a good year for games, however annoyingly most of them seem to be in a series, because original games are getting rarer; or maybe I am not giving the ones that are out there the chance.
So here are the games I’ve been playing the most this year.

5. Dead space 2

The original dead space was a bit of a revelation for myself. I’d never been particularly bothered about horror games, the most i’d played of the genre before was 20 minutes demo of the original silent game that came with Metal Gear Solid. I was 7 at the time, and slightly traumatised at the whole thing, it put me off horror games. But I bought dead space 1 not knowing that it was a horror games, I thought it was just expecting another action adventure game in space, I was wrong. However, I found the experience unlike silent hill to be a enjoyable one. Dead Space 2 takes place soon after the first game, and with a cooler suit. There were some crazy moments, such as being forced to stick a needle in your eye. Some parts are infuriatingly hard, and in a rare moment of gaming courage for myself I completed this game on the hardest difficulty. The story is as good as anything Hollywood can offer (not great), but with the added immersion factor.

4. Portal 2

A spin off from one of my all time favourite game Half-life, albeit loosely. With a story that could only work in a game. It follows a crazy robot or two, who do science and like to test a young woman, who is forced to take part in puzzles using a portal gun. The physics bending puzzles make this a great game in the first place, but add on top, an over the top story line (which works perfectly strangely enough) and you’ve got a game. Most will want to complete in two playthrough, many like me did. It contains the voice acting of Stephen Merchant who works perfectly as both a loveable robot, and a evil though useless villain. A great game that will get you completely engrossed from the get-go.

3. Uncharted 3

One of crowning jewels in the sony crown. A funny, fun, fantastic and action packed game, that adds upon the experience from the first two games. Most games will either, be open world or give you multiple option to complete a game, and if they don’t they will try and mask this to give the illusion of it. Uncharted doesn’t give you options and doesn’t mask masks it, it is is clear you only have choice. However, the developer makes sure the one path it does give you is pretty amazing, filled with twists and cinematic events that flow seamlessly into the gameplay. It is also has a addictive and fun online multiplayer (and co-op), which is much improved from the second game. Also I think the graphics in this game are the best out there.

2. Skyrim

Perhaps this game would have made it in to the number one spot, if it wasn’t for the big framerate issue  that is effecting PS3 users (and in turn me). To be fair to the issue only started to effect my enjoyment of the game 50 or so hours in (many game you don’t play for half that amount) but I still have to completed the main quest plus many more, but the game is unplayable sometimes! It is not all bad though otherwise it wouldn’t be number two. It truly is a epic game, in which you can do so much more than any other game I know, the graphics can take your breath away at times (if they load correctly).  Combat is fun, the story is great, and with me hopeful that a patch will soon fix the issue that plagues me, I am looking forward to playing the game again. Hopefully

1. Mass effect 2

I’ve never been jealous of halo, nor gears or war. There was always a clone of them, which would satisfies my lust for those games. Only Mass Effects ever came close to tempting me to buy the 360 (not out of any fanboyisum, I just don’t have the money). So when I  learned that the killer franchise was coming to my loveable blackbox, I was understandably excited. A good RPG are rare these days (I played two this year with skyrim). And even rarer is one set in space. The other day I looked just how much time I had spent on ME2 it turns out I have played the game for 100+ hours. I said that with slight embarrassment, but  I can honestly say I don’t regret the time I spent on it, as it will just give me more options for when the third game comes out.

Well that is my list complete, hope you all have a great new year, which starts in four hours for me.

Happy Christmas 2011

Happy Christmas [Generic message about hope you have a wonderful time]

From everyone at (me)

But now on to more important things

Quick update on the short story which I hoped would be posted by now, I am still working on it but things have changed – the length of the story has moved from short story to novella length. Hopefully I will post it either at the earliest the end of December or the more likely sometime in January.

A dating profile (with thoughts) example

I am a 34 year old man (I live with my mum) looking for love (any bodily contact would be fine) . I have an athletic body type (not obese) and of a average hight (little bit shorter). I am impulsive but not that confident (so together it means normal). I am looking for someone with similar interests, music, film, TV, reading, day trips, cuddling, friends, drinking wine (sounds better than “I get pissed every week”), walking on the beach at night or day, animals and going on holiday (I am putting as much as I can think to so we must have one similar interest on there).Cooking is speciality of mine (I would learn something to cook that is nice before our first date) and I like to cook healthy food (this is my polite way of saying no heffers allowed). I am not religious but a person with what I consider to be a good moral code and would expect the same in a partner (nothing kinky in bed).
I have many goals in life I am a writer (I write fan-fic of my favourite TV show) and would love this to be my career path (I am pretty happy on the dole though).  I would love to have kids (I am trying to attract the pre menopausal woman here) though not until I am sure that I am with the person who is the one (making sure that they are not to close to the pause, plus woman love this soppy shit).
I’d want a woman who could I could respect (no sluts) and who would respect me (not to look on my internet history) and someone who I could have an intellectual conversation with (I am trying to put across I think I am smart). I think physical attraction is important but not the be all and all (beggars can’t be choosers).
I look forward to hearing from the right person out there (please).

I just want to say I am not fully taking the piss out of the people that use dating sites;after all in a few years I could be on one (in fact I i’d be surprised if met someone not on one)… is more that I am poking a little bit of fun of some of the things that are said in it. I also (without trying to make this in to something more serious than it was) was trying to show a little bit of sadness in the whole thing….  hopefully I made one or two people chuckle… if not I hope you was indifferent rather than offended…. after all we are looking for someone to love. 

Metal gear rising trailer – Thoughts

My favourite game franchise is back with a new game trailer. It is not the metal gear games I grew up with however, it is different and not just because of the absence of Mr Solid Snake. The father of stealth games is going to be no longer a stealth game. The newest trailer for metal gear rising, starts very similar to trailers of past metal gear titles. A cinematic, a bit of narration giving some of the story away, but 30 seconds in you start to see that this is not the same as past games which were directed and wrote by Hideo Kojima. Metal gear has now turned into a hack and slash, and if it was not for the familiar graphics and characters (Raiden and Vamp) you would not assume this was a Metal gear gear.  1 minuet into the trailer, there is still the same epic music that is expected from the series. After the minuet mark the next striking change came, with the musical difference now guitars play out as Raiden chops soldiers with his sword.
As a long term (started to play when I was 7)  and huge metal gear fan, I’m glad that the title is being made but i’m very wary of the direction it is going in.

It is not the fact that I don’t like hack and slash games, one of my favourite games are in the Devil may cry series, and as the devloper of rising is the  made Bayonetta  and has the original creator DMC on board, so I have quite high hopes for the combat in the game. But I do wonder if a series that has always been stealth should change this drastically, in fact a hack and slash game is the complete opposite to the stealth genre. Ignoring my preconception on what this  metal gear game will be (perhaps there will be stealth elements, I hope so) there is still lots to look forward to, none more so than battle with metal gear ray, which does look awesome. I like the fact the trailer used the text from the original metal gear from the 80’s in the trailer, and I’m very glad they are not using the word ‘solid’ in the title as this game is not apart of that series. What is hard to tell from the trailer is if the game will have the epic story which are another staple of the franchise, if it does then this game could be just as good as the past, if not hopefully the gameplay will be enough to carry it.

Watch the trailer below!!

Welcoming December

The first snows of the year have appeared, wordpress is snowing too, me slipping and falling outside. All signs of December and that we are getting close to another Christmas! I’ve got a few plans for my blog this month, with any luck a new short story will be realized and put on here. I’m enjoying writing this one and I think it works as self contained story thus perfect for my conner of my web.

Wrap up, and hopefully I will have a proper blog for y’all soon.