Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies of my lifetime

Another top 5 list…… all of which you should go and watch.

What will be my number 1?

5. Matrix

You know it did get a little strange after the first film, but that first film blew people away when it first came out. A story about the world which is not the world…. sure it did not make 100% of sense, humans being used as batterers and some such stuff. A film that has more leather than a S&M orgy, is always going to be a strange. In my list because: the action, gunfights, martial arts and  it is just cool :8 is something that means it is in top 5 Sci-fi  films from my lifetime.

4. Stargate

Probably surprisingly high up in my list given my love for the stargate franchise. The film that inspired the long running TV franchise, that alone gives it a lot credit in my book. It a good action movie, and does something which most is quite hard in the genre, mixes History and Science in a non cheesy, time travel way. In my list because: it is stargate.

3. Moon

A smart film like the two that will be below it, from what I understand it had relatively small budget.. it manages to create suspense, confusion and even anger from the audience (well me). It could be hard watching a film which has only one actor in it through the whole thing, lucky the acting is good, and the film has clever ways of having creating different characters, using the same actor, and a robot. In my list because: It is smart, funny and has atmospheric music.

2. Donnie Darko

A odd little film, that has gotten lots of praise. Whether the film is a Sci-fi or not is a massive problem when the film is as good as this, it never says if says if there is time travel is real, or just the delusion of a crazy person…. I suspect it was supposed to have happened. In my list because: It is crazy, odd, great use of music, and makes you want to be a crazy person.

1. The Truman show

The number one in my list, you could argue that it is not a Sci-Fi film, but a film which question society, looks at something that could happen and in my book that gives all the hallmarks of a great Sci-Fi. Big brother on a large scale, it is endearing, quirky, very sad, funny because of Jim Carrey and clever because of the story. All these reason make it number one on my list.


You might notice that all 5 of these film, were originals, not remakes, not squeals, some my have spawned squeals but these were the first films. There should be more original Sci-Fi films out there, most end up being quite good.




2 thoughts on “Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies of my lifetime

  1. Cold Fuzz

    Interesting choices Joel. I liked Donnie Darko quite a bit. There were a lot of moments in that film that just made me crack up, especially those weird, awkward family moments in Donnie’s family. The funny think about that is even though it might seem weird to a lot of people, dysfunctional families do tend to act the way they did in the movie which I think brought some great realism to the film.

    Also good choices with the Matrix and Stargate. With the Matrix, the first thing I thought was, wow, that was a total mindfuck if I’ve ever seen one. lol. A big-time mindfuck but a good one. :D

    Stargate was just straight fun, especially with Daniel eating a bit of that creature at Abydos and claiming it tasted like chicken. It’s too bad that James Spader hated working on that film. Oh well. :P


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