Mice or toadstools or buttercups – The crazy world of internet fandom

Internet fandom is an odd place, if you are looking in to it as a outsider, you will see strange, obsessive, geeky,  some pasty white and possibly unhealthy people talking about some crazy shit, that you probably won’t or don’t want to understand. I was thrown in to this geeky world at the age 14 (A young 14 too) , spending much of my school evenings and weekends on the Stargate forum – Gateworld, at that age I can admit I probably did spend too much time talking on there, I got obsessed with the place. Getting over excited at having like minded people to talk to about my favourite franchise, was the reason for my obsessive behaviour (which I tend to do a lot). After two years I got bored, real life overtook my need to go on there so I left, though not completely. I’d like to go on back on for the odd couple of weeks show my face, and speak to few people I had made friends with while I was there in my obsessive period. Then a few months ago I got a bit more free time and started  going back on Gateworld, for what looked like another 2 week stint on the site. So far it has lasted two month probably my longest duration back since that obsessive phase of mine. Not all my time has been spent back at gateworld, thanks to a tip off, I found another smaller forum, made up of lots of Gateworlders ex and current. http://orionspace.info or the onion as it called a lot. It is a more friendly place, and it is lots easier to chat off the sci-fi topic without a lot of the religious nonsense which get thrown around a lot in my old forum. The mods are nice too *shifty eyes*.

These conversation look strange from the outside, but are perfectly normal from within

As a outsider you’d see that, then probably think what strange and odd people (one of whom is me), but if you look at the conversation you notice it is the same as the strange conversation (well I seem to have) that you would have with your real life friends. That not to say it’s completely normal on there, I’ve caught myself saying some very odd things that i’d never say to someone who I have only know for a month and half, and only their online persona at that. Being behind a computer is the reason for that, it  is easy to get carried away, which is why sometimes I have seen people go overboard and  might have gone there myself sometimes, and that is why it is a crazy place to be. But it is nice to back in that online fandom, it is a pretty good way to spend your time when you are bored, it is a great way to get to know people from across the globe, that you would not normally talk to and everyone wants to be a little bit crazy now and then.

2 thoughts on “Mice or toadstools or buttercups – The crazy world of internet fandom

  1. Cold Fuzz

    Yes Joel, there are plenty of GateWorld expatriates at Orion. :D

    We’re not all pasty white though. Some of us got roasted over the summer with too much time outdoors doing traffic control. :P With my shirt off though, you’ll need sunglasses. The paleness and hair could be blinding. ;)

    1. Joel Hopkins Post author

      Thanks Fuzz, I’m sure that is quite a sight :p as for pasty whiten people I know I’m one of them, but that less to do with me being a sci-fi nerd and more to do with me living in England :D


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