10 years on – 9-11 a quick blog.


Just thought i’d say something; Rest in peace all though who lost their lives 10 years ago today. Since people like to mention where they was 10 years ago i will as well, i remember being in primary school and my mum picking up and telling me the news. I got home to see the second plane crash, it was such a surreal moment, the images still fill me with dread. I’m very proud to say i have actually been up the world trade center, while i was very young, i can still remember going up. I remember a simulator at the top, and i remember drinking some hot chocolate that was too hot. I remember it being cloudy and not being able to see around, i remember being bored, but it is a good memory to have.

Not only this but i went to see ground zero 3 years back, it is good to have the perspective of what was there and what is being built out of the ashes.  It’s heart breaking situation and i hope some of the family’s of those who was lost have gotten some closure in the last 10 years and carried on with their lives, as that is the best way to let terrorist know they can’t win.


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