Top 5 twitter follows

A day late but it’s still here….. the top 5 has missed a month but there will be 2 this month.

This month it’s 5 interesting twitter follows, you will hopefully find these people either as interesting or funny as i do.

5) James Dudley

Follow @MrJamesDudley – A friend yes, but he is crude, rude and sometimes funny. He is good person to follow if you want some cheep laugh, he is an aspiring writer like myself so he maybe famous one day. Also for you woman out there he will also most likely flirt with you, so you have that to look forward to.

4) Charlie Sheen

Follow @charliesheen – Need i say anything? He is either crazy or has a great PR guy, whatever it is sometimes his tweets are as crazy as himself. Though lately they have been more self promoting things, so unless things start to pick up from the loon, a swift unfollow maybe in order.

3) Opta Sports (Jim)

Follow @OptaJim – This is the OPTA sport twitter account for sports other than football. OPTA is basically a company that collects stats for sports, some of these stats are very interesting. While i find the lack of Rugby League stats disturbing, the cricket stats are very interesting.

2) Hideo Kojima

Follow  @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN – My favorite Game designer. The mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series. His main account is in Japanese, so this is a translated account, but you still get little tidbits of news on his games and on Metal Gear Solid. He however does not reply to any question you may have.

1) John Scalzi

Follow @Scalzi – My favorite author, he can be funny and interesting and he has a bad ass profile pic (from one of his books). He also replies  (if he can) to questions.

Well there is my top 5 follows, but really my number 1 follow is myself, because i’m funnier and more interesting than any of these people. So follow @JoelHopkins


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