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Off to Rome…..

I’m heading to Rome early in the morning to see sights like that. It’s being a good start to the week end with Leeds Rhinos going into the semi’s of the super league, and now i shall go to Rome and hopefully see some great places and be back in time to see Leeds play their next game; who ever that is. The weather is set to be Thunder storms and lot’s of rain, great. With any luck i may be able to update my blog from Rome with a mini diary , but i will only have my i pod to update it on, so if that get’s to annoying i will leave it till i get back on the Friday. Now to hope i don’t get too wet.

9 punishments in internet hell

In internet hell all those idiots that make your browsing experiences worse will get the punishment, in their own hell.

9. Every week just as you get used Facebook it makes a major change – For people who don’t use apostrophe’s.

8. Being stuck with dial up internet – People who use speak like this “any1 doin owt am well bored” and people that use  ♥ symbol.

7. Unable to download movies, music, games for free illegally on the internet – People that do that.

6. You tube had region locks all it’s video in your country, and no proxy won’t work – The millions of so called photographers on internet.

5. PSN or whatever console  you play network goes down for ever – Campers, people  that wine through headset, and  laggers; you know the sort.

4. Stuck with an outdated flash player – Spammer, and Grammar and spelling Nazi.

3. No search engines, you will have to know the URL address of every page you visit. – Bieber fans, one direction fans that got them to number 1 fans and other of the sort.. I feel these people will be able to cope less, without having a search engine than anyone else.

2. Every person you talk to on the internet is a troll – Trolls them self’s shall be stuck in their own world with more annoying people

1. Internet time out  for ever –  People that design virus, hack things; generally people that make the internet a worse and unsafe place for all.

Special Hell. Real Hell – For child molesters and other sick perverts.

Top 5 comedy shows

Another top 5 for this month, a slight bit early than usual for the fact i will be taking a city break in Rome.
The topic for this month is comedy shows, there has been loads of great shows that have made me laugh over the years from both England and the US.

5) Extras

"Are you havin a laugh?"

Funny and Les Dennis

4) The office an american workplace

It's all serious at the office

Really Funny and dumb

3) Peep Show

I don't look like Mark!

Smart and funny

2) Frasier


Slightly smarter and has Niles facial expressions in them

1) Blackadder


Silly contains the best of British comedy in it, funny, very funny and even that one time in WW1 sad. In a time before Johnny English for Rowan Atkinson.

The Kaiser at the Abbey

“his voice is like a manly angel”

In 3 weeks i have seen 3 of my top 5 bands; not bad going for me. On the 26th of August i saw Muse, the following Wednesday i watched arcade fire, and now on Saturday i saw the Kaiser Chiefs, back in their hometown of leeds. This was first gig they have done in Leeds since they played Leeds festival 3 years ago; which i was also at. It is the fourth time i have seen the Kaiser Chiefs, and what made this event a little bit different was the venue; they play at the quite lovely kirkstall abbey.

Kirkstall Abbey

While very nice to look at, a very old abbey is not a typical place for a rock concert. The uneven ground made for strange views of the stage at some of the places. The setup of the official merchandise store was in a silly ass place, so if you wanted to stand halfway back you would get a piss poor view. The entrance was 10ft wide, not a major problem when entering, with different people coming at different times, though once the gig finished and 10,000 people leave; a big problem. Looking around there was many more places where they could have built another exit, so it was a problem that did not need to happen. Also one large beer tent was not enough for the volume of people. A couple of people that was stood next to us, left and came back an hour later with some beer, they stood there and complained about waiting for an hour, i’d be annoyed too; however who in their right mind will queue for an hour for some expensive and watered down beer?

All lit up

For all the complaints about the venue, the abbey really did look good! The abbey was not in the background of the stage, but it went down one side of the audience; at first i was felt it would have been better to have it in the back ground, but in end i felt that seeing the abbey in all of it’s glory helped the atmosphere. .They lit the Abbey up, the colours light on the abbey kept in line with the stage. Also i hear (but can not confirmed because of where i was stood) that Ricky Wilson the lead singer, climbed a part of the abbey and sang from it, to make a change from his normal stage climb.


The performance was as i expected from the band that gave me my favorite live performance , it was fast, loud and full of their typical energy . They played all the favorite songs from the previous 3 albums, along with a number from their excellent new album – The future is medieval. While i understand that lots of people,  don’t like the constant sing-along hits they have, people call them “fast food” music, but i’m not one of them. I’m sure i’m not going to change their minds, all i can say is watch them live and listen to the new album. The reason Chiefs are such a good live band, is Ricky Wilson; he is great with the crowd, and as a lead singer his voice is like a manly angel (strangest analogy yet?).

Ricky Wilson – Taken from

This gig was never going to be as amazing as Leeds festival 2009, when i was feet away from the stage and being lovingly crushed. It was still great, however the people was slightly quite, but then again i was quite far back  and there seemed to be a lot of movement and sound further ahead. I love the Chiefs, my love wavered during their hiatus, but the new album and seeing them again in this great venue, has rekindled my love of them.
Hope to see them for a fifth time soon.

10 years on – 9-11 a quick blog.


Just thought i’d say something; Rest in peace all though who lost their lives 10 years ago today. Since people like to mention where they was 10 years ago i will as well, i remember being in primary school and my mum picking up and telling me the news. I got home to see the second plane crash, it was such a surreal moment, the images still fill me with dread. I’m very proud to say i have actually been up the world trade center, while i was very young, i can still remember going up. I remember a simulator at the top, and i remember drinking some hot chocolate that was too hot. I remember it being cloudy and not being able to see around, i remember being bored, but it is a good memory to have.

Not only this but i went to see ground zero 3 years back, it is good to have the perspective of what was there and what is being built out of the ashes.  It’s heart breaking situation and i hope some of the family’s of those who was lost have gotten some closure in the last 10 years and carried on with their lives, as that is the best way to let terrorist know they can’t win.

A few badly worded signs

From china….. i should not make fun, English is my first language (only) and i still make many mistakes, as shown by some of my blogs if you read them too carefully.  Just click the photo for a better quality image. It was an old camera don’t judge…….

No trumpet playing or exploding

I was having the best conversation with my Cellphone, just the other day.

They do say the true heart, is really the brain....

"No striding"

This one is indeed not funny even.

The best one is "Ragamuffins" (part 1)

I think they used Google translate (part 2)

These are the only ones i took photo of while i was there, but i remember a “a no dabbling in the pool” one.