The weekend

After a week of stomach cramps, i took to having a busy weekend; going  by my own standards. On the Friday i went to Leeds Fest, on the Saturday i went to London and to Wembley for the challenge cup final*. It was a mixed time for myself, still feeling a little ill, i traveled to the leeds festival. It was nice to see my friends who was camping and hung out with them, ate some burgers, and listen to some good music. The best music of that night was of course the headliner muse. It was the second time i have seen them, and they put on a typical energetic performance. As it was the 10 year celebration of their second album, origin of symmetry, they played every song from that album, as well as some of the biggest songs. It was a very muddy evening, with the rain pouring down, the liquid mud reached my shins on the wellies. It was a miracle and something i’m quite proud of that; i did not fall over.

Then came Wembley, me any my Dad went to the amazing and huge stadium via a coach. I was tired from leeds festival, my legs were aching, so the 5 hour coach trip was nice, for the feet anyways. Some more bad burgers later and  the final was about to start. It started off bad 16 points down within 20 odd mins. I felt it was going to be a very bad night, but Leeds came back and was within inches of taking the lead in the last 5 mins. However it was not to be, the leeds lad should be very proud of them self, before the game they was not given a chance in hell of winning, and they came so close. There is always next year, but the time is running out for the Leeds Legend, Kevin Sinfield to win the only club honor that has alluded him.

Sunday i slept, a lot.

Again sorry for the lack of blogs….


* In case you don’t know, the challenge cup is a competition, in the sport of rugby league. This year final was between Leeds and Wigan, my team Leeds have lost last year final.

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