Fellowship of the ring….

As a avid book reader, it has surprised even me that it has as taken me this long to read any of the lord of the rings, which happens to be my favorite movie trilogy. So i got the book out of my local library (which will probably end up being closed soon) to have a little gander at the book. I have now read the first volume (well it was actually last week; but never mind) and i can kinda see what all the fuss was about now.

Having watched the movies many a times, it was nice to see parts of the book, that never actually made it in the film. I enjoyed these little bits the most, and i was surprised how much of this very large book did in fact make it in to the film. There was one big surprise in the book for me, which was the age of main character; i assumed wrongly that he would be same age as in the film, but in fact he is much older and there was a longer time lap’s at the start of the book. I’m not going to lie and i say it’s the best book i have ever read, maybe not knowing the plot before hand could have made the difference, but the fact is i have read better books. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy as it is still a great book,  it is probably a little unfair of me to give an my impression of a book that is clearly meant to be read in all 3 parts. So once i own the next 2 volumes, i shall read them and i will give some more detailed views on the series as a whole.

I’m off to London tomorrow, so if all is well with the riots, i may visit a book store and buy the trilogy. Also off to see Shrek the musical; i’m so cultured you see.

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