That job

On Friday, i had my last day at my work, while i did not leave of my own accord (it was the end of 6 months fixed term contact), i can’t fully say i’m sad to have left the place.  It was nice to have that monthly pay check and to get in the big wide world of working. So now it’s ended and i’m back to being unemployed, i’m going to take a step back think about this job in a objective manner. It’s hard to see a job when your in it than anything other than bad. It was boring, i did not really get on well with one person there. The worse problem with the job, was that i struggled to have more than one conversation, with any one person, that did not directly involved work. I was at a place where even if i was not on a fixed term contract there would be no promotion opportunity’s how ever long i stayed, i stated as much to the manager and she did not disagree. There was also benefits too, some i doubt i will find in my next job wherever that may be. One it was a great location i had a 20 min walk to and from work everyday, quite relaxing. It also had flex time, so i had more freedom. It not a job i could have seen myself doing in any permanent way, i never even thought of Human resources as a career choice. So i’m not really sure if i’d have wanted to stay at that place, i think once i’m at my next job i will have my answer.

I’m now extreamly nervous for the future, i don’t know where i will be next. How far out it will be, what type of job it will be. It’s getting to me. I’m trying to enjoy this time off i will have at the moment, but i will struggle to do this knowing that my future has never been so uncertain. However i’m thankful for the fact i won’t be kicked on my ass, any time soon that is. At least that’s if i don’t do anything to piss off my parents. So the Job hunt is back on.

I still want to be a writer, but the more i read online and more i actually write, i start to think either i’m not good enough (click the pages at the side of the blog for a selection of my work and tell me your self) and even if i am it a near impossibility to make enough money with it. Ahhh well the silver lining is for however long i’m without a job i can concentrate on my writing, reading, cricket and rugby watching, and game playing.

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