Off to Wembley

A quick post on the Rhinos.

Leeds are off to Wembley, and this year i can go with them as there is no pesky leeds festival to get in the way. Leeds in a hit and miss season still managed to beat Castleford, albeit in golden point extra time. It was of course through a (sir)Kevin Sinfield kick at goal.. They will face Wigan who will be massive favorites, there will every chance (a very good chance) that we will be well beat like last year and i am expecting it to happen. However less than 2 years ago leeds had completed history in winning 3 grand final in a row, while there is a few older players and number of more avareage players in the team now. I still feel that this team has it in them to put in a great performance and sneak win (well ya never know). I have booked the tickets and got the coach travel sorted out. It means that after the Firday at leeds festival, i will have to leave as soon as Muse stop playing, i need to rush home and get a few winks of sleep, before heading  for the coach. I’m really looking forward to it.


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