So….. that last night.

Random murmurings

After a messy, a tiring and frustrating night. Right now i feel so very tender each touch to my body makes me shudder a little. I was out for a friends birthday,it was an Okay night. It always nice to see some of my old friend many of whom i don’t see nearly as much as i should. I don’t see them for a number of reason; university, they work but mainly i think it’s a lack of me trying and maybe their is a part of me that does not want see some people for whatever reason.  However back to this night in question, i think what makes night outs crap and frustrating is the lack of stuff actually happen. Down my gullet lot of booze went but still the whole night dragged, on night out this seems to be a more often that not happening. It was not all bad there was some good conversation and it was nice……….well it was nice to get drunk.  It got frustrating again when i had a long cold walk home, because i was too afraid to get a taxi on my own (ended up walking alone instead). After getting home in my bed at 5am, i could not get to sleep, all pretty normal with the amount of sugary drinks that drank. The problem was the fact i had to get up at 10:00 for work; i was and am very tired. Just thought i do a quick blog.


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