The One Hundredth Blog

Damn that has gone fast……………

In the last 100 post you have seen me on the dole, in a job, in a job i don’t like and soon (next month) probably on the dole again.
You have seen me post pointless post that are nothing but space fillers ( you have also seen post that mean a hell of lot to me (
This blog started as an area which i could post a little of my writing (see the pages at the side) and for a part i have done that with 3 shorts story’s and a prologue of my novel i’m writing. That novel btw has stalled, hit a brick wall and killed all the passengers (my driving lessons are going good by the by) and i have almost given up on it or on myself i should say. However this blog has turned in to much more of a bombardment of my thoughts however meaningless, with constant top 5 list’s; which for some reason i’d think you would be interested in. I never expected a large readership for this blog, i never got it. Partly the reason for this is because of my constant digression in the style of my blog and the content. I tried my best to counter the diversion of my mind, with some regular features (top 5’s, song month, book and TV reviews) and they tend to be the most viewed pages.  Be that as it may i am still happy with my blog, if it’s anything (and it is) it is a place where (however poor) i can write semi regular when i don’t feel like writing in prose. I like this blog, i hope whoever reads, regular or not, enjoys it. I hope i will be still be bothered to do this in a 100 more blogs, because i am a very lazy person.


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