Song of the month – July

So it was Glastonbury  last week, and it always nice to watch on the BBC coverage (online and TV) to watch either band/singer you like or ones you have never heard of. Well i had heard of Janelle Monae through her having a brief appearance on Stargate Universe, she was fine but i never thought more of her. The other night however i decided to watch it online ( i loved her. I thought she was an excellent singer, her style was fantastic and she dances are hypnotic . So i bought her album “ArchAndroid” (a very cheep £4.99) which had 18 tracts on it, the album is a concept one, and has a little story to it; an android on the run (very blade runner). I think the fact that the album was very Sci-Fi oriented helped me to get into her, because this is not normally the kind of music that i am into. I loved the album so much that i then when on to buy her EP that was released. I’d recommend the album and the EP it has so many different styles of music, but the song that i have listen is a song off the EP (Metropolis) “Violet Stars Happy Hunting”. Hope you like it as much as i do.


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